Stay Calm, Relax On

So it has dumped snow on us here in Denver. The weather peeps were actually spot on. Well, it started at 8 pm last night in our hood, and they predicted 5, but the rest turned out to be true. It did snow non stop today, and as I peek outside, oh, yup, still comin’ down. So today the husband and I had a wonderfully cooped up day together. We slept until 10:30, then mozied on downstairs, (yeah we have stairs and levels at our new house!) and we made coffee. I was planning to head to the grocery store today. That didn’t happen. I dug around in our fridge and got creative. I made home potatoes with cheese for breakfast. Later, we noshed again. We made cocoa, and watched Conviction and then husband made his mean macaroni and cheese. Yes, more cheese, and more carbs. I told you I have zero produce in this house!
Tonight he watched his shows, CSI and Blue Bloods, and I surfed the net, discovering more amazing blogs and trying to get all of my web surfing out of my system because tomorrow and Sunday are devoted to homework and reading! We had steak and wild rice with veggies (canned) for din din, and now I’m putting together a posty post for you while he watches the Nuggets game. Go Nugz!
Oh and p.s. my husband is my world and really is my best friend. I went through a difficult and emotional time these last couple of weeks, and it is so comforting to know I truly did marry my best friend, who loves and supports me no matter what. Baby got back, has more than one meaning in my house. I confide in him and he really does have the best advice most all the time, even if it makes me mad.
We were scheduled to have our housewarming party this Saturday, and well, the snow forced us to exercise judgement and move it; what are you gonna do? Can’t fight mother nature! The party can be a post later too!
Oh, yesterday I popped in one of my favorite children’s boutiques, Nest, (blogged about previously here) to see what was new and browse around for a friend’s baby shower next week. I found even more great things here, some of which are made locally. As for what I have up my sleeve for future posts, I am very much looking forward to hitting up the thrift stores near my new hood, and sharing with you how I shop, scan, dig and thrift to find my treasure. I was going to do that this weekend, but this snow is pretty deep, so I think it’s a good excuse to crack open my books and stay inside instead. Tonight while surfing the web however, I do find a nifty children’s blog called Frecklewonder, and she has a thing for vintage clothing and toys for her kiddos. She also posted helpful “How-To” thrifting guides one, two and three. Also, she sourced a great site on how to decipher a vintage label while thrifting from another site here. Oh oh OH and speaking of all this thrift talk…a dear friend tweeted me this article about Goodwill industries newest venture, an upscale boutique in Cherry Creek North called Deja Blue. Yes my friends, they are squashing the entire point of “goodwill” and “thrifting.” I am totally shocked and annoyed by this. Goodwill and ARC are about offering secondhand and recycled things at a low cost, traditionally for veterans and under privileged people. By opening this boutique in a high priced real estate sector of Denver and weeding out all the good stuff, or designer pieces, they are completely going against everything I thought of when i thought of Goodwill Industries, and turning it into a bigger business. Are they seriously competing with other clothing retailers like Garbarini in Cherry Creek North? This is crazy. They are also doing a clothing swap and fashion show this month at the Exdo center with past Project Runway contestants and local designers Mondo Guerra, Julie Tierney and Fallene Wells. See more on that here. I was interested in participating in the swap, sort of like the one I did before with And Then She Saved (blogged about here), but tickets cost $25 so I will have to see. What are your thoughts on Goodwill Industries plucking out designer threads before they get to the stores and putting them in a special boutique? Thoughts?
Maybe I’ll get bored enough tomorrow to fumble around the office and do a craft. What do you guys do when you’re snowed in?

Popcorn in bed.

Bedside reading.

CO pride board books at Nest.

Coupon clipping.


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