My So Called “Burb-Life”

So I’ll admit it, I lost a little blogging steam as of late. If you haven’t noticed the massive dry spells between postings. Oh you did? Well then you know or could at least tell I have been low on inspiration. Well, not exactly, but my move from downtown to Aurora, Colorado has nothing to do with it really. In fact just the opposite.
For those of you Coloradans, would you even consider Aurora a suburb? I mean, it’s like half the State, and it’s more multicultural and ethnically diverse than Denver; honestly. I researched the demographics before our home search. Anyway, I am finding that I have really taken to this home ownership thing, like a fish to water! My inspiration now involves home decor, and filling empty rooms and learning to use tools, well I just ended up hammering the screws in because I had no idea how to use the drill, and nesting, nesting, shopping and nesting.
Last Friday I stopped at a local french bakery, Daniel’s of Paris, for pastries for family guests. Yes, seriously, there is a french bakery, actually going on 20 years this year, just down the street from me! I also repaired a pair of BCBG boots last week at a local shoe repair. Yes, a fabulous shoe repair shop less than a mile from the new digs. He did a fabulous job and it cost me $10.80. I have also, proudly, already received a free coffee, after ten punches on my frequency card at a local coffee shop, Bean Tree Coffee, which brews up local Coda coffee. What?! They have all these things in Aurora and I am not stranded on an SUV filled, culture lacking, baby breeding island?! Nope…I am livin’ life in a new zip, and having a ball!
You see, you can maintain the same lifestyle, or whatever lifestyle you wish to have, wherever you plant roots. What you do with your days, where you shop, events you wish to attend, shows you choose to see, lattes you ingest, what you wish to open your eyes to and discover in your own back yard is really, well, up to you, er, me in this case. All of the hesitancy and resistance I had felt prior to finalizing the closing on this house has vanished. Poof! In it’s place, I have found creative projects around the house to keep busy with, and found that deep cleaning bathrooms and scrubbing grout between tiles is actually quite therapeutic.
So, have my priorities shifted? Most definitely. Do I still have my old habits and haunts? Well, yes, as they say, old habits do die hard. You know what else? I am still Glo Bug, and I am still in love with the city of Denver, but I have discovered that a new piece of me has a new love for my new hood, and there’s room in my heart for both!
I still attend University downtown two days a week to get my Market and Tattered Cover fixes in, but my Ross, TJ Maxx and Home Goods fixes are actually better met in Aurora, where I can actually find parking and be able to load up a mirror or a rug if I wanted. (Not so doable on a bike.)
I also have a love- STILL- for thrifting, finding treasure and let me tell you folks- Mississippi is loaded with them- can’t wait to thrift hop! I am LOVING our new neighbors and have already been acquainted with them on Christmas Day, for a glass of wine, on New Years’ Day for an open house with the whole street, and upcoming we have a progressive dinner planned for six homes (where you do a course at each home and travel to the next. We volunteered dessert.)
I also recently visited my momma. She lives in Keenesburg, Colorado, about 20 minutes north of Brighton, and believe it or not there are 2 AMAZING antique shops up there! I found special pieces for the home. (I have a thing for hand embroidered tea towels which I use for drying dishes.)
So, here are a few pics I snapped of the things in my world lately. Whether they are inspiring to you or not, they are what have had me away from blogging; that, and the five classes I now have on my plate this semester, plus work, and being a new wife and trying to be a better sister/friend/student and figuring out how to balance it all. These are also the things that have me smiling.
Guilty pleasures I have also been relishing in is It’s a Brad Brad World on Bravo, and divulging in daily reads on fun sites like: The Coveteur, The Glow, Elizabeth Street, Refinery 29, Alice + Olivia, and Tory Burch.

1. My birdie printed Milly dress from A. Line Boutique in Landmark– minutes from my new casa! I’ve worn it twice already and feel so ladylike every time I do!

2. These quirky little brass mice/robot salt and pepper shakers from the antique shop in Keenesburg. Not sure I’ll actually use them to spice food, but they look at home chilling on the ledge of my splash back. What do you think- mice or robot? My momma hates them…

3. An awesome antique buffet table that perfectly fit my dining room! It was spray painting black and gold- perfect for moi- and found in Keenesburg at one of the shops for $139. True story.

4. These awesome Marni-esque silk pillow covers from West Elm. They were on sale for $14.99 on Christmas Eve.

5. A sweet, sweet, little porcelain Cinderella nighty-night light found at the antique shop in Keenesburg for $15 buckaroonies.

6. My enormous walk in closet, the left side is mine, is somewhat organized, but not really. It’s like the last thing I need to really organize.

7. Baby fashion. These little sports are from Zara online– I die.

8. My love of patterns and color is apparent in this well lit, easily maneuverable closet.

9. My husband does his own laundry. This is him hanging his damp shirt and NOT drying it. Sooo goooood….and he looks hot in this sweater.

10. I was on a mission to find new jeans this year. Well, this has been on my “to-do” list since last year, but I actually found two pairs this year, and ON SALE at a boutique in Cherry Creek North called Alicia. They both fit amazing! Tory Burch skinnies, and Habitual flares and my favorite Hudson’s. All great fits for a curvy bootie.

11. A perfect pillow for our cozy bed. Pillow from Wordshop in the Highlands (no longer there.)

12. Clutches. A girl can never have too many. and my mother in law took notice and recently gifted me a great black beaded one.

13. THE PERFECT pair of lamps for our night stands! A llitle brass, a little edge, perfectly modern. Found at Homegoods.

14. Finally a perfect spot for this little jewelry tree.

15. Classic toys never go out of style. I love my old toys! Now that I have my own house, I finally picked up my old, salvaged toys from my momma’s house, including this Fisher Price vacuum. My nieces loved it too.


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3 Responses to “My So Called “Burb-Life””

  1. Dani Says:

    Loving it! Yes, we have missed the more frequent blogs however knowing you are discovering new things/loves is even better!!!

  2. Lori Holliday Says:

    Are you for hire as a stylist? I am looking for one. You can call or text me at 303-525-8222. Thank you!

  3. sarahjessicamill Says:

    Great bag collection! Sooo many sequins!

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