Silver Bells n’ Wishing Wells: Christmas List and Gift 2011

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***Disclosure- Before reading this, you must be a jaded adult who has realized by now that the Big Man in Red is…well…you. Guard this from believers and babes.

I think adults miss that magic and mystery of writing a list to Santa Clause. Don’t you you? At least I know that I still wish there was an elusive wish grantor out there that we could send letters to once a year in hopes of just one of those wishes being granted; no Oprah and Ellen, you do not count. I’ll never forget how I discovered that there was no Santa. I saw the tube of “special” wrapping paper in the back of the coat closet, halfway through the year, probably looking for my other shoe or this big green bowling bag I remember being into; ball was still in bag sadly, otherwise I could say I was hip and way ahead of the trend. I remember not telling my momma, because I wanted to hold onto that spirit of Christmas, and I didn’t want her to know I knew. Maybe I was secretly afraid, like any normal kid, that I might get jipped on “Santa” gifts if I fessed up that I knew he wasn’t real. You know because Santa wrapped his gifts at the North Pole and would never, ever, leave behind a roll of paper! (Parents don’t make this mistake.)

To resuscitate that lost spirit of yesteryear I typed up a wishlist, major emphasis on wish, back in 2009, right here on Fashion Folio. Needless to say, the letter must have got lost in cyber space or sent to Santa’s spam box because Chloe boots and bag I did not receive, BUT…I did get a MAJOR L.O.V.E. and Nutcracker Prince since then, so I can live with my very loved and worn handbags and plastic knee high boots.

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Despite the come-to-Christmas moment in the closet, the days of my youth, being dropped off at the Buell Theater downtown to paint up as a rat, a toy soldier and an Arabian attendant in Colorado Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker, have forever instilled the blissful wonders of Christmas in me. The smells, the lights, the candy, watching the Sugar Plum Fairy from the wings….sneaking behind the giant stage Christmas tree before our big debut…even the bad Secret Santa gifts, they are all incredible memories I replay in my head this time of year. By bad Secret Santa gifts I would say the ginger flavored candy canes and old lady bath beads made that list.

My momma, Mother Gingerbread herself, also brought me and my three siblings up in a home where Christmas filled the home to make it this perfect, cozy and warm place. A gingerbread house in the cold frosty window sill, and the lights on the tree hitting the colored ornaments creating our own version of a stained glass window, that site always welcomed me home from a long day of school and dance. We used to get a box of amazing pears from her best friend in Seattle every year- the kind you have to wear a bib to eat because they’re so juicy. My grandmother would send a box of gifts, and she never used boxes to wrap clothes, so I could feel the squishiness of clothes through the wrapping paper. We would get so excited when that box arrived! Momma would read us The Night Before Christmas and we would all camp out together in the basement family room because the excitement was too much to handle if we were to sleep in our beds all alone!

Enough nostalgia…my point is I LOVE Christmas and I love making memories and traditions so I decided I should make a new tradition of doing an annual, extravagant wish list on this ole blog. I do want to say that I truly do love gifting gifts more than getting- in fact, when I was little I would go around the house and wrap up items that already belonged to my family, just because I wanted that feeling of giving! True story, ask my momma. I also want to say, that what I REALLY love receiving are the sorts of gifts that really show thought, the kind that make you say, “WOW, this was so thoughtful and they know me sooo well!” For example, my husband is THE best gift giver- the most thoughtful. last year he gave me a pink Schwinn and I have rode the hell out of it this past year! Great gift! And our first Christmas he paid my outstanding bill to school so I could register for the Spring session….um…yes, I cried.

On this list, there’s a little bit of everything from the practical and affordable, to the “As you wish upon a star,” yeah right, sorts of things that I have filed away in my moleskin journals all year long. Other incredible gifts are tickets to shows, concerts, and events that you know someone is a fan of and if they recently got married, say within the last 2 years, check and see if their wedding registries are active and surprise them with a gift from that! They usually stay active forever unless the bride took it down or they, lucky them, received everything! I would also HIGHLY SUGGEST finding something totally unique and LOCAL at a craft fair or bazaar!!! There are loads of Holiday craft shows going on this time of year including, PLUG- The Fancy Tiger Holiday Handmade Craft Fair happening this Friday and Saturday at the Sherman Event Center! Do. Not. Miss. This. Really good gifts…You can also show off your creative talents and gift a framed photo, LOVE, or a piece of original art, PRICELESS. Enjoy and happy shopping!!!! If there are any secret Santa’s or admirers out there, I am currently accepting packages! 🙂

Without further ado, here’s my extravagant, way-out-there, wish list to cyber Santa for 2011!!! Of course, feel free to utilize this as suggestions for any of your fashionable lady loves in your life too!

Stocking Stuffers

1. Aquiesse mini candles. They smell great, last a while, and they’re only $6 each. You can find them at Perfect Petal or Posh boutiques.

2. Essie nail polish. Always perfectly current color palette. LOVE this greenish-gray color- “School of Hard Rocks” Winter 2011- $5.99 at drug stores.

3. Hue tights. I can never have enough tights. Black and brown are staples, but I would like to get into more colors and patterns. Affordable and you can find them anywhere from Macy’s to TJ Maxx.

4. Chanel Lip Gloss. Because every girl should have a piece of Chanel and since I can’t afford a tweed blazer, I go for their amazingly un-sticky, long lasting, lipstick like glosses. $27-$30 at fine department stores.

5. Bond No 9 Parfume Petits bon Bons. Mini Luxury. You can purchase 6 sample size viles for $15, when you purchase a bottle of parfume. I am a total parfume gal! Actually, I am a Nuits de Noho gal!

6. Novo Coffee. I am very much a coffee-evry-morning gal, and this is yet another affordable luxury. AND LOCAL!!!

A Pound of Novo Coffee, a local Roaster, is always welcome in my stocking!

7. Fun napkin rings like these gold starbursts found on $25 for 4

8. Earrings. Earrings. EARRINGS! I can not have too many earrings! And GOLD! I love this pair by Miguel Ases on right now- $112.

9. Fuzzy. Warm. Anything from Wooden Ships. I am out in the elements a LOT so I have a basket full of scarves, hats and gloves sitting by my front door. I love Wooden Ships bohemian and girly flair! I do not have a pair of these “Texting Gloves,” Yet…

10. Fruit ornaments. I collect them! This lemon lovely would be nice! Photo from

For Under the Tree:

Practical and Somewhat Affordable

Fuji Film for my Instax Mini Polaroid Camera

An internal battery for my Sony Vaio Laptop

A fun and fashionable case for my new I Phone 4- Maybe a "Blingy" one like this!

A Monthly Unlimited pass to try Pure Barre classes!

Target Mossimo Kendal Bootie- Online Clearance for $25

A purple velour Juicy Couture track suit. Yes, for real. I love to sleep in them and wear them around the house- the only place they should be worn.

More 5 Piece Sets of my Mikasa Pure Red wedding China! Hoping to get at least 12 collected before the pattern retires! Now on Amazon for $59.99 each- also seen at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Macy's

A new pair of Oliver Peoples! My favorite, and only, line of sunnies! Love the cat eye shape on theis Daddy-B pair- $325.00 on

Pushing It…

A great, structured, lady-like, leather handbag! The "Pippa Middleton" Modalu London Bag....

Or...another Rebecca Minkoff Bag- Like this "Cupid" version in Copper. Structured Carry All

The orange and silver glitter booties by Miu Miu! With jeans, with dresses, with me under my tree!

No words. Burberry Prorsum trench coat with leather sleeves.

A gorgeous statement necklace by Philip Crangi! DIe!!!! So rocker chic!

Any piece of bangin' jewelry from Solange Azagury...killer, love the quirkiness of her...

A mirrored vanity. I first saw this photo in Domino Mag, and have kept that issue because I loved this NYC bedroom so much. Mirrored dresser, mirrored night stand...those will work too!

And…because I’ve been a REALLY good girl and I have been riding public transportation most of my adult life….THIS…which will almost fit in my stocking!

The Gucci Fiat 500....


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