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Nest Boutique

So as most close friends of mine know, I have a thing for for fashion, and that my passion for style has now extended beyond the realm of big people and into baby style! Yes, it is true, I love collecting baby clothing. It started with a blanket when I worked at Tallulah Jones years ago on 17th and Downing, and the collection has grown from there. I find things to put into my “Hope” chest, special items, designer lines on sale, things I find on sale that are too cute to resist, and some day, it will all be put to good use. Or…a very large E-bay sale!

Now that I am putting some thought into where the fascination came with, it could be my blogging which leads me to discover and read so many others, including baby style bloggers like Lila Was Here and The Baby Blackbird, two of my favorites. Regardless, it’s a thing…

So I found myself last Saturday on Larimer Square on a break from Geology class, getting a coffee, and stumbling upon a new boutique in the space next to Goorin Hats! They weren’t quite ready for opening yet, so yesterday, on my lunch break between classes, I meandered over to see if they were open for browsing- and much to my delight- they were! A brand, spankin’ new children’s boutique is ready for business, Nest Denver! What a perfect location for them too! All those urban mommies pushing strollers around the hip square can now find nesting items in their hood!

Walking into Nest boutique, my initial judgement was telling me that this might just be another “baby boutique,” but I was pleasantly surprised at the merchandise, customer service, and discovery of several new lines! This the second location (the first store is on 6th Ave.) and the product being stocked at each store will be different, and geared towards different customer bases. This will be discovered as they gather clientele on Larimer. So, if you’re in the Larimer location, and don’t see a size, or even a line, don’t hesitate to ask because I guarantee it will be at the 6th Ave. store, or Caroline will make it a point to get it. I had asked about Egg by Susan Lazar and Elephantito and found out bother lines were carried at the 6th Ave. store.

I had the pleasure of meeting the shop owner, Caroline, who manages to balance boutique ownership, of two shops, and motherhood, of three little ones, and all the while looking fabulous and taking the time to share with me, as well as another customer in the shop, about all the different lines we happened to pick up or show an interest in. They even re-dressed a tiny mannequin for me so I could style it in an outfit I just had to photograph for the blog! If that’s not customer service, I don’t know what is!

The mannequin on the right is the one they so kindly let me dress!

Te Collection Blazer, with a Black Kite button down and Ryder & James Tee

Nest even has a section of shelving devoted to local Colorado lines, items and goods! That said, they are always looking for local designers and talent in the children’s arena to foster, support and SELL in their shop! The cutest, and softest, little CU Buffs tee was calling my name! Well, you know, I can justify that right? Me being a CU buffs student and all…no??

Come on...

I also discovered a super talented local Denver label, Black Kite, Ltd.! DIE! The most BEAUTIFUL fabrics I have seen for kiddos. Tiny little button down shirts for little mister, misters! So CUTE! The fabrics are actually designed by the designer’s mother in law! Don’t worry, I have pics below.

I also discovered Chewbeads! What are these and why should you care? Well, they are rubber, gummified, beads strung as a necklace or bracelet, ideal for mommies who want to be fashionable and accessorize, but also don’t want to scratch the heck out of their baby, or have them choke on a bead! SMART & STYLISH! Rachel Zoe, a new celebrity mom has even said that she has had to adjust her accessorizing due to baby Skyler. I see a product placement plug here between Rachel Zoe and Chewbeads…okay just posted a link on Rachel Zoe’s Facebook page, yes I am a major connector that way…

Chewbeads! A set is going in my "Hope" Chest!

Caroline, shop owner, wearing her Chewbeads- she says her 9 month old sits on her hip and chews on them all day!

Other lines I discovered and FELL for were…Anthem of the Ants, (an adorable Tory Burch-esque tunic caught my eye),


imoga leggings...

Mimi & Magpie,

Finn & Emma (100% organic and impeccable attention to details like their miniature wooden snaps with storks carved into them),

siaomimi (I saw a mini plaid button down with tie dye burnout detailing, and it was SOFT!)

I also saw favorites like Splendid peppered in and a full range of the Tea Collection.

They had more than clothing stocked- rattles, books, blankets and even an i-Pod doll?! Yes, you jack your i-pod into this sweet little thing!

I definitely encourage you to stop in and make your own sweet discoveries, and what a perfect day to come down next Saturday- November 26th is Small Business Saturday! Shop local! Pick up a special gift for that new mommy friend, or perhaps, an item or two for your own “Hope” chest… 🙂


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