Push Pin Your Town: Highlands

Highlands Square
One of the reasons I started this blog was to expose Denverites and Coloradans to the retail treasures and unique shopping opportunities available right here in our own back yard. As a Denver native, my pride for my home state shines bright and I love to play tour guide to visitors and even more so to locals just looking to change up their scene.
This is my first, of a hopeful series, called “Push Pin Your Town.” I plan to do more, so if you visit back, search this category over on the right hand side for other shopping area guides.
Today Nov.12th, from 10 am to 7 pm, you will want to head over to the Highlands for the annual Holiday Open House of one of my all time favorite boutiques, The Perfect Petal! This years’ theme is school book inspired, “Holiday Prep School,” and will be chalk full, pun intended, of tutorials, decor ideas and inspiration, ways to incorporate whimsy into your home this season, and how to create an atmosphere to highlight all the best aspects of the holidays.
Perfect Petal is dot # 10 on Colorado Local First’s very useful Local Flavor Guide of the Highlands Square Neighborhood, as linked above. I will use this as a reference, but interject my personal thoughts, opinions and suggestions on where to go and what to see. I should preface by mentioning that I used to live on 32nd and Wolf, just up the street, when I was 18-21!!! I lived with my amazing Great Aunt, but at 21, restless like most early twenty-somethings, I yearned for my own place. So I headed down the street and rented my first studio apartment on 32nd and Lowell, just above what is now Strut Boutique; dot # 9 on the map below.
Whenever I visit the Highlands I reminisce about those times at my very first apartment! I used to go to Swim Club 32, now El Camino Tavern, for night cap drinks and girls night outs! Did you know that the huge mirror behind the bar is actually handmade and the frame is painted Styrofoam?!
I digress. It was at the Perfect Petal that I remember buying some of my first Christmas ornaments which I hung on my aluminum tree that sat in my one window facing 32nd! I used to see the lights and folly going on across the street at Perfect Petal and prance over for trunk shows. Many numerous pieces of jewelry, bags, candles and cards were purchased here. You will undoubtedly find a thing or two!
As for me, I’m looking forward to adding to my ornament collection!
Here’s how I typically play out my day on 32nd…

1. I love to start with coffee at Generous Servings Cooking Classes and Cafe on the West end of the stretch, at the corner if 32nd & Osceola St., or #28 on the map above.
They give you a perfect little diamond shaped cookie when you get your drink and the coffee cake is delicious!

2. Then I like to head to my favorite paperie and greeting card store, Wordshop on Newton, just South of 32nd, or #3 on the map. It’s here that I find my best snail mail pieces like a card that says, “E-mail is for suckers.” I always spend at least $20 and stock up on wedding cards, baby cards and thank you notes.

3. Then I like to pop in Kismet, #2 on map, next door to Wordshop. They have fun, affordable accessories.

4. Then I usually love to stop in Real Baby! #8 on the map, this is a great boutique for pampered babies and tots! I love their stock of Petunia Picklebottom diaper bags, and cute clothing. They also have modern cribs, carriers and strollers. I love their selection of wooden toys by Melissa and Doug. This is a great place to spoil a new mom!
5. Then I stop in Perfect Petal! I spend most of my time here, looking at all the jewelry, smelling all the Tokyo Milk and Lollia products, FLOWERS, and looking at all the home items like pillows and frames. My favorite!

6. By this time I’m getting hungry, so I stop for lunch. You can do Chipotle, #34, or Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli, #35 for quick bites, or if you want to be leisurely, have tacos at El Camino, #31, or yummy Italian at Trattoria Stella, #39 (may be better for dinner) or have an amazing burger and beer at Mead Street Station, #30.

7.Then I usually head to the North side of the street, stopping in Strut, #9, mostly shoes, and the connecting Dragonfly, #7, where they have Free People, Michael Stars and one of my favorite jewelry lines from SOHO, NYC, called By Boe!

8.Then I head next door to Babareeba! #6 This is a consignment shop where I’ve seen Diane Von Furstenberg and vintage and everything in between!

9. Sometimes I pop into Garnet Gecko, #5, where they have gorgeous imports like tapestries from India.

10. Winding up my day, I might get a pick me up cupcake from Happy Cakes, #20. Finally, I usually end my day at Starlet, #18, where they gave really great clothes, accessories and girly tidbits. All within a gear price range!

I hope you enjoy your trip to the Highlands! Feel free to comment here on your favorite stores and stops! This is certainly not the only shops u have been into of shopped, but the major ones. Mondo Vino, St. Killian’s Cheese shop, Denver Bread Company and West Side Books are also great, great places! See you down there!


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One Response to “Push Pin Your Town: Highlands”

  1. Marionberry Style Says:

    Just discovered your blog…love reading about all the fab places to discover in the city I live in and love (Denver!). The Highlands is one of our favorite places to explore on weekends…great write-up!

    XO – Marion

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