Peter Piper Picked a Prada Pocketbook: I Picked A Few

I had a great sushi dinner date with husband tonight at a place in the burbs. It was actually really good, yes you can get sushi in land-locked Denver and it is pretty damn good, and this place was “all you can eat,” which made it even better. Not a night I should have been wearing my tight double button Diesel jeans…oi vey… I got really wired for some reason and here I am blogging at 2:30 am. Yeah me! I found myself actually READING my e-mail subscriptions! You know all those sites you give your e-mail address to, because you were lured into their trap with their devilish and enticing use of the word “giveaway.” Or, worse, you actually fooled yourself into thinking you would have time every morning to sit down and have coffee and read all these great newsletters, blogs, and news, and look at me I’m so smart now I have an inbox full of crap!
I digress. This nugget from Fashionista titled, “Here Are 10 Great Bags That Cost Less Than $300 (We Even Found an Alexander Wang)” sucked me into opening it, but served nothing more than a great inspiration piece for my own post on my handbag picks. Let’s face it, who has $300 to plop down on a purse? Not I said the student/admin/blogger/wife/potential homeowner…
I’m sure you are all in a similar spot, so I wanted to surf the net for you all and share with you some of MY favorite handbag picks that I scrummed up. Some were VERY familiar to me as I have one, used to have one, or used to sell them either at my time at Nordstrom or a local boutique somewhere, and some were NEW labels to me that I discovered just tonight with a few key strokes in the ol’ Google Search bar. I tried to challenge myself to handbags DEFINITELY under $200, and HOPEFULLY under $100. Some are leather, some are pleather, or vegan, some are basic black and some are sorbet green, but they’re all GOOD! I think anyway…
Some are available at stores in town, some you can get right online, I suggest going to local boutiques and retailers first before doing a click-click on the e-basket, but I’ll guide you through. There’s a hobo, a satchel, a tote, a shoulder bag with chain, a clutch…and if nothing else, you’ll at least be inspired to clean out your own very loved handbag and give her a good dusting off. For goodness sake, at least dump out the crumbs and throw away the gum wrappers and random pen caps!

Here goes, and in no particular order:

From our awesome, punky girl Gwen Stefani, comes one from her line L.A.M.B. Oh, also a side note on Gweni- she’s launching a kiddie line in collaboration with Target mid November called Mini Harajuku! Be sure to check it out! Ilove the edginess of this bag, and the shape. A hobo/bucket bag has been on my list for a while.
L.A.M.B. Lucille hobo in Vetiver. On SALE on for $207.99 for more details click here… L.A.M.B. is also sold at Nordstrom.

A new line I discovered on BlueFly tonight, and I believe is also available at Nordstrom, is a line called Deux Lux. Another bag on my list has been the basket weave. Since I can’t afford the Bottega Venetta…this one fits the bill; pun intended.

Deux Lux Bowery Hobo in Black. Available on Deux Lux for $143, and in other colors. See more details and buy here.

Another newbie line to me, also discovered on BlueFly, was Miss Gustto. Love the name, and really cute designs- GREAT prices! A quilted number is yet another bag on my wishlist. This one is adorable in mint green!

Miss Gustto MG Bonnie Quilted- $116. Available to purchase on Miss Gustto’s site.

Ahhh…one of my favorites…Big Buddha! I first saw this line at the Perfect Petal in the Highlands, where I purchased my first bag. Now the line is carried then at their sister store Posh on Larimer. Also, I have seen them recently, like a month ago, at TJ Maxx! The one downtown… Also sold at Macy’s. I love the structured, half moon shape of this guy. The color is different, can go for fall or spring and put a little pop into an otherwise drab outfit. I especially love that you can wear this one on your wrist or your shoulder!

Big Buddha Juptown in “Green” (I think it’s more yellow) $105.00 Available on the Big Buddha website here. Remember to look for them in town though!

YES! Another favorite of mine…a Canadian, and vegan line, called Matt & Nat. I first heard of them about ten years ago working for local boutiques Miss Talullah’s and then Red Door Swingin’. Now I hear that they pulled out of the boutique market and are on to bigger fish- i.e. Nordstrom. So buy direct online, or check Nordi’s. I love the daity envelope shape, and the chain strap. So feminine! You can wear this for day ladies, just take out all that extra crap!!!

Matt & Nat Santogold in Beige $185- Available online at Matt & Nat

Really?! Rachel Roy the high end NYC designer has collaborated with Macy’s and her satchel here was featured on Refinery 29’s list of the Top 5 Handbags under $100! After hopping over to Macy’s to have a closer look, I conquer. I also love the blue bucket bag.

Rachel Roy Large Satchel $99- Available at Macy’s

And after looking more at Macy’s vast collection of handbag designers I discovered Olivia & Joy. I really liked several of their bags, all under $100 mind you, but this one was my fave. I like the large square shape and the one lonely, crooked zipper pocket. I like things a little off, unexpected.

Olivia & Joy Key Note Tote on Sale on Macy’s site for $65.99!!!!

Last…I could go on forever, but I must SLEEP…I couldn’t end without hitting Piperlime’s Bags Under $100 List! Wow, what great source! I really need to check Piperlime more often. I knew Rachel Zoe was a guest editor, offering up her favorites on the site, but i didn’t realize some of my other favorite stylish muses like Rachel Bilson, Olivia Palermo and Birdie Bell were also contributors! Tag, bookmark, coming back. So many lines to choose from, but one that stood out was Melie Bianco. I really liked a lot of their bags, very minimalist…but also, unfortunately a little too similar to designers Chloe, Celine and Proenza Schouler. they may be possibly trying to duplicate without outright stealing designs, but they are more affordable certainly!

Melie Bianco Ariana in Wine- $99 Available online at Piperlime

Hope this list served as a helpful guide, or at least a start! I know it can be overwhelming, but once you find a style and possibly a label you like, you’ll know it’s the right one when you see it, or simply when it fits all your necessities to get you through your day and fits snug on your shoulder. Either way..keep some pennies in the pouch and start here.


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