Get Your Face On

So, being a girl with extremely sensitive skin, major acne issues, I admit that I do not wear cover up or foundation for fear of making my problems even more magnified, and worse, aggravating them beyond their already horrid state. So here I was, on the day of my nuptials to my husband, Friday, March 18th, 2011, at noon, when I decided I needed what else? Foundation. I hopped over to my nearest Nordstrom, and darted to the Bobbi Brown counter, because all I did know was that the reputation of Bobbi Brown makeup is stellar to say the least. By now you are gathering that I am spontaneous too.
Anyhow, I ended up getting the best makeover ever, which included primer, highlighter, foundation, bronzer and blush. I have been a fan of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Bronzer since this day too. I walked out of there with more than foundation, but I didn’t care that I fell into the cosmetic-counter-hypnosis, I was glowing! I raced back home and put on my dress to wear to the courthouse ceremony which was happening at 3:30. We hopped in the cab and off we went, for one of the most monumental and important days in my 28 years. We never did engagement photos, so this was it. This was THE day that our photographer would capture THE moment that we entered our blessed marriage, and I was not at all focused on the acne around my mouth, or the blemish near my hair line. I had my best face forward and I was confident and happy and soaking up every fleeting moment that made up that afternoon between myself and my husband. I was in heaven on earth; kissing and hugging and holding hands with the man I will be with the rest of this mortal life.
I can’t say it was all Bobbi Brown. I am confident in who I am a s a young woman, but this thin layer between my flesh and the atmosphere that I shared with my husband, the photographer, the judge, and my mom that day, that extra, tiny bit of conglomerated minerals and pigment made me forget my small insecurities that day, and allowed me to focus on my biggest SECURITY, a future life with someone who loves me unconditionally. In essence, Bobbi Brown’s Pretty Powerful Campaign supports my sentiments perfectly; that we are all pretty naturally, but a little makeup can make us feel so empowered to conquer whatever we are facing in our lives. We have so many features, uniqueness and angles in our faces that the beauty pulls us in and we find ourselves gazing at strangers on the train ride to work, or have to stop ourselves from staring at that girl in the bathroom who is applying her lipstick, just like a teenage girl who watched me put my makeup on in the locker room this summer at Pirate’s Cove. Woman learn from an early age that this ritual, this process our mothers, sisters, cousins, grandmothers, aunts, and friends do is something of a high importance. Makeup is personal, it is cultural, it is precise, it is intentional and it is POWERFUL! With a swipe of mascara, a blot of gloss, or as in my case, a thin layer of flesh toned cream to even my skin tone, we can really become that much more confident in ourselves.
My momma is a woman who is Pretty Powerful to me. She battled obesity by completely changing her life and making exercise and eating well a lifestyle choice. Growing up in a household of four children, she never used the word “sacrificing” when describing her career as a stay at home mother who gave us a wonderful childhood. She is a uteran cancer survivor and lives life to the fullest everyday by roller blading, taking Zumba classes, camping most weekends in the summer, playing the Dance Revolution game with her four grand daughters and continually crafting, scrap booking and reading. She is a model employee, and works tirelessly at a senior citizen hospice home where she cleans, cooks, bathes, even administering medicines, and caring for several elderly patients with the same amount of care and patience and love that she raised my three siblings and I. A natural nurturer with an infectious laugh and toothy smile, she is always my positive conscious, my honest friend my encouraging voice and my heart. Everyone who has had the privilege to work with her or be in her company knows just how selfless and loving she is.
My momma is Pretty, insert curse word for emphasis, Powerful alright!!!
Do you have a pretty powerful story you’d like to share? Comment here with your pretty powerful mention for a chance to win a Bobbi Brown makeup palette to help you or your friend put her best face forward. Also, enter to win even more awesomeness by submitting your own story here or supporting another Pretty Powerful story by voting, and win a trip to NYC and $500 worth of Bobbi Brown cosmetics! Enter here! HURRY- contest ends November 11th!!! There are also a couple Colorado cuties already up there with numerous votes- check out Lily Wotkyns here… or Michelle Cangiano who has a bucket list of 1oo things she wants to do befor she dies, and the little ambitous thing has already accomplished 33 of them! Or vote for these Coloradan pretties! Tina Morgan, Nicoleta Puscas or the gorgeous Tara Ditchen who works the Bobbi Brown counter at Park Meadows! See all of our gorgeous Colorado contestants for the Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful campaign here. Vote one vote all! Ends Nov. 11th!


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