Day 9: Twelve Days of #GlamBomb2 Event Giveaway

On the ninth day of Glam Bomb Two my true love gave to me…

a gynormous pair of silvery shell earrings!

BIG NEWS ALERT! Glam Bomb Two is SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you who have already RSVP’d, you made the list, congrats! There was an exclusive availability for 150 guests, so twiddling your thumbs in this case was a bad idea. The good news is there may be future Glam Bomb Events, and you’ll see the footage of Glam Bomb Two here so you’ll know what to expect the next time around.

So my personal twelve days of giveaways leading up to Tuesday continue, and I’m naughty, because I’m a day late now. A day late in blog land is not as serious then, well you know. So if you are attending the Glam Bomb Two event, then these giveaways still apply, because in order to retrieve the goods, you have to come to the event. Rock, er, shell, around town in these heavy duty earrings. They are dynamite with maxi dresses! So for the already registered guests, they can be yours by:

2. Getting to the #GlamBomb2 event on Tuesday, and be the first person to find me, if you are on Twitter, my handle is @gschinagl. Meet me and and be the FIRST to use the code phrase, “The ninth day of #GlamBomb2 my true love gave to me…” and the blingy is yours!

You should DEFINITELY Friend Posh on Facebook NOW and get ready for Glam Bomb Two by keeping up on the latest vendors, sponsors and jewelry designers you can expect to see Tuesday!!!

See you then!


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