Day 3: Twelve Days of #GlamBomb2 Event Giveaway

On the third day of #GlamBomb2 my true love gave to me…

A perfectly tarnished golden cuff with a faux pearl!

Sorry that these are getting later and later, but never too late for a freebie! Here is the third giveaway for the Twelve Days of #GlamBomb2 Event. I feel like a broken record, but please scroll down to see more information about the Glam Bomb Two event hosted by Posh Boutique, happening October 11th and how you can be sure to get in! Very much a thriftonista, and a big believer and practitioner of high/low styling, this cuff-a-roonie my friends, is from Forever 21 a while back. The more you wear it, the more vintage it appears, and luckily for you it already has that feel to it- ready to wear!

How to win this arm candy:

1. Come to the Glam Bomb 2 event!(Oct. 11th, 5-8 pm) RSVP to $25 at door. Location of event is secret and will be disclosed to you only when you RSVP. So check your e-mail address you use to RSVP the night before.

2. When you get to the #GlamBomb2 event, be the first person to find me, if you are on Twitter, my handle is @gschinagl. Meet me and and be the FIRST to use the code phrase, “The third day of #GlamBomb2 my true love gave to me…” and it’s yours!

That’s it! Easy as pie! Which reminds me…there will be a pie in the sky dessert reception and cocktails, making this event even sweeter…
See you there! You may want to “Like” the Posh Boutique Facebook Page to stay on the latest and greatest leading up to Glam Bomb Two!


*****RSVP today to*****


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One Response to “Day 3: Twelve Days of #GlamBomb2 Event Giveaway”

  1. Dani Says:

    That is SO beautiful!!! LOVE it!

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