Day 2: Twelve Days of #GlamBomb2 Event Giveaway

On the second day of #GlamBomb2 my true love gave to me…

A sparkly silver chain with a shell anchor and amethyst stone!

So by now, I shouldn’t have to tell you about an event that’s gonna be, well, da bomb, going down on October 11th from 5-8pm. If you’re in the dark still you haven’t been reading my blog, sad face, but you can just scroll on down to see more details.

So giveaway numero dos is a necklace I bought when I was doing some part time help for the boutique Red Door Swingin’, in LoHi, which is sadly no longer. Now there’s a wine place there on the corner. Red Door had really fun, affordable jewelry, and a ton from local artisans. Sorry to whomever made this piece, as it doesn’t have a name on it, but I loved it the minute I saw it and had to buy it! She’s ready to be passed on to a new, happy owner now, and could be yours.

Here’s how:

1. Come to the Glam Bomb 2 event! Pretty simple. RSVP to $25 at door. Location of event is secret and will be disclosed to you only when you RSVP. So check your e-mail address you use to RSVP the night before.

2. When you get to the #GlamBomb2 event, be the first person to find me, if you are on Twitter, my handle is @gschinagl. Meet me and and use the code phrase, “The second day of #GlamBomb2 my true love gave to me…” and the anchor necklace is yours my friend!

That’s it! Easy as pie! Which reminds me…there will be a pie in the sky dessert reception and cocktails, making this event even sweeter…
See you there!


*****RSVP today to*****


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