I Heart my Hips; and I’ll Wear ‘Em Round’ My Neck!

Alright, so I fibbed a little, but in a GOOD way! I originally intended to have three giveaways for the fashion blog’s 3rd birthday celebration, true. However, in your favor, there was an overwhelming amount of support and love from friends of Fashion Folio, that there are even more giveaways! Like this bute above! Allie Pohl is the very talented artist behind the Ideal Woman Necklace phenomenon. She is all over, was in Florida, NYC, now L.A., but fortunately I had the pleasure of meeting her here in Denver in between (she sells her necklaces in Pink’s L.A., Unity, and has frequent art installation shows, with the last being at Plus Art Gallery.)
I have blogged about Miss Allie before here, here and here, so for those of you who follow Fashion Folio, and follow Allie Pohl, you know plenty about this artist. She is just that, an artist. First aiming to focus her body of work, no pun intended, or is it, on the female body and the societal implications and expectations of size, weight and shape that are forced subliminally and explicitly on women. She can describe her art better than I, and that’s why you should follow her blog here. She is talented, social, ambitious, goal oriented, a mover and a shaker as much as she is altruistic and a positivist. So, of course she is so kind enough to donate one of her hot pink acrylic pieces, Edition 1, for one of you lucky souls to win and wear! Hopefully the joy Allie puts into each piece transpires through the guy or gal who wears it around their neck and sends a powerful message of female empowerment and beauty all the live long days.

Now, pay attention to the deets:

1. If you like us enough to take the time to enter, please consider becoming a fan of Fashion Folio and Ideal Woman Necklace on Facebook.

2. Get with the social media train already, it’s not slowing down anytime soon, and follow us on “The Twitter.” @gschinagl and @Ideal_Woman

3. Finally, comment here, with one, two, heck as many “Ideal Women” as you wish to mention! I had the serendipitous event of bumping into one Ideal Woman, Brandi Shigley this morning at Rooster Moon coffee in the Golden Triangle on my way to school. She is head of THE Fashion Denver, a shop and outreach to help support and cultivate local Denver fashion designers, as well as this month’s “Her Life” magazine cover girl, and also a CRAVE Denver book highlight! She and I had a great time chatting over coffee and I was invited to her shop tonight to celebrate the awesome, and numerous, women, business owners of Denver involved with CRAVE. What a time I had meeting designers, and entrepreneurs from all facets of life! not to mention, I picked up a couple amazing gifts- a small painting by local Denver artist Alyson Khan, and a locket necklace from Barberry & Lace. If you haven’t stopped in Fashion Denver, do make it a trip! This Friday is the PERFECT time, as it is the first Friday of September and she’s having a fun Back to School party! COME! I will be on the road to Utah for a best friend’s wedding this weekend, hence gifts! INSPIRING evening and WOMEN to say the very least. Please support!
4. Oh, one more thing- the deadline is next Sunday evening, September 11th. We have Red Drinks Denver networking event coming up on Tuesday, September 6th, where local Denver stylists will speak on their work and experiences. Then, we have Fashion’s Night Out events happening Thursday September 8th, at Goldyn, Common Era in Boulder, and the Park Meadows Mall so far. So a very busy week next week! Mark your calendars! I will post on FNO events in Denver soon!


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2 Responses to “I Heart my Hips; and I’ll Wear ‘Em Round’ My Neck!”

  1. Lisa Deering Says:

    Alli Pohl’s suggestion of the ideal woman is powerful. There are so many implications in her work. There are so many interpertations. It is the perfect foil for discussions,both positive and negetive. Thank-you Allie for pulling back the cutain!

  2. Jessica Says:

    Nice giveaway, but I already own an Ideal Woman Necklace; I bought mine at Common Era last year. Oh, and two things:

    1. Her twitter handle is @Ideal_Woman NOT @Ideal_Woman2

    2. Did you even know her birthday is September 11th?!?

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