1 Special 50 Dresses Dress

So, this giveaway just could not wait for Sunday! Maybe it was the leopard print fabric on this flowy maxi dress that made me in the mood for Friday night drinks at Diablo or Saturday morning brunch at Syrup, and therefore prompted me to get this out to you sooner, rather than later!

Forgive me for getting ahead of myself and being rude for not introducing the fine designer behind the generous donation first! I have blogged about my friend Tess Vigil out in L.A., before, and here, but she is killing it and we couldn’t be more proud! She designs, cuts, patterns, sews, a line called 50 Dresses. She recently had a fashion show out in L.A., at the Los Feliz Fashion Fest! Here are some fun pics from a model in the event, Erica Leigh, on her blog Sweets and Hearts.

Erica Leigh and Models at the Los Feliz Fashion Fest show, all wearing 50 Dresses.

She also had a celebrity turn out in one of her adorable peekaboo tie sundresses on the red, er, blue carpet recently! Actress Alyson Stoner wore one of Vigil’s 50 Dresses at the ‘Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension’ Premier! Doesn’t she look young, fresh and fun?!

Actress Alyson wearing a 50 Dresses design on the "blue" carpet.

Okay, so you all have from now until Sunday night, as in two days from now…so if you’re reading this, just click comment and try to win the leopard number above!

1. Friend Fashion Folio and 50 Dresses on Facebook! It’s here that you’ll find us hanging out most often!
2. Follow us both on Twitter, because you never know when a sale, event, interview or giveaway might strike. @gschinagl & @50dresses
3. Visit 50 Dresses to see her latest and greatest designs and check out her blog!
4. Finally, what it really comes down to is this, originality! You must comment here, to this blog post, with how you would style it, and when and where you plan to wear it for it’s first outing if you were to win!
5. Always share! there’s always room for competition and trust me, your pal is not going to answer the exact same way as you, so have a little confidence, and share this giveaway with them! Hell, if they win, they might just give it to you because they know how much you wanted it!


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2 Responses to “1 Special 50 Dresses Dress”

  1. Heidi B Says:

    I’ve liked and followed both Fashion Folio and 50 Dresses (BTW the 50 Dresses link above doesn’t work) and done my due diligence…now for the fun part!

    If I won this dress….holy moly I would be so excited! Have I mentioned how much I love leopard? I have shoes, belts, pants (yes, pants), hoodies, scarves, and more. But you know what? I don’t have a leopard print dress. That’s right, this little gem would complete my collection (no, I wouldn’t stop collecting)! Oh the possibilities of where to wear and with what…. I’m not the tallest of the bunch so I would definitely pair it with some black wedges, perhaps a skinny black belt with a gold buckle, and then some chunky gold necklaces and bangles to tie it all together. And where would I be going? Well, I’d look so rockin’ hot that I could go anywhere my little heart desired…but if I have to be specific, I’d put it on for a night strolling through first friday events coming up next week. It’d be sure to be seen by thousands…I can hear the compliments already!

    Keeping fingers crossed, oh how I want this lovely!

  2. tina gill Says:

    LOVE. love your writing style, love the dress, love her collection, love anything (well, most anything) animal print. i would add a skinny gold belt, a pair of chunky gold earrings, a pair of red peep toe (vintage inspired) heels (or these mustard wedges i have…hmm…) and a bunch of bangles if i ever wore bracelets. i would first wear it to The Beauty Bar for manis and martinis with my girls or FNO at common era in Boulder. again, love. xo

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