I meet people every day, as I am sure you do too, but don’t you just love it when you run into someone from your childhood or your past, in a good way? That was the case earlier this year when I was shopping for my wedding at Michael’s Craft Store and ran into two sisters that I used to go to church with when I was about 13-16 ish. It turns out that we were all grown up now and prosperous! One sister is now a successful hair stylist, and her younger sister, who I remember laughing with in their backyard and playing Barbie dolls with, had awesome tattoo art, turned out to be a super creative designer type. It was so wonderful to run into these gorgeous young women again! They were also resourcing vessels for a candy bar at Sessy’s wedding, the designer.

In June, I was having an iced coffee outside Starbucks, contemplating whether or not to get a mani and pedi, and who walks by? Evangelina, and her sister Stephanie! We all ended up going to the nail salon together, and catching up once again. This time, we were all married! What am I getting at, oh yeah, so this time, Sessy shared with me what she’s been up to, and that has been running an online fashion apparel site called Wonderland. I found some really cute pieces I could totally see layered for fall, and mixed into a wardrobe. They are so stinking affordable, that you can afford a couple to mix in with your classics and staples and not feel a pinch. I especially love the “Gina” black lace top. I’d wear a cami underneath or a jacket over of course, but it would be great with denim cutoffs or a long floor length skirt or a high waist pair of shorts. I also like the “Tinisha” long, floral dress, despite it’s name, (I have horrible memories of a Tanisha from Middle School who was evil.) You can wear the dress with a long grandpa cardi and cowboy boots, maybe even a denim vest or fedora for a very bohemian fall look. Prices hover around $12, $13 and $15. i am not joking! So go fill your online cart now! Spread the word, after all it is a wondrous world we live in, and remember you never know who you might bump into, so always look your best! Sorry, the pics are copywrighted so you’ll have to click here to see what I’m talking about!


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