Little Sista’ Pippa

I am definitely NOT the first fashion blogger to point out, or share with you my favorite highlights of Kate Middleton’s little sister Pippa Middleton and her stylish casualness, but I wanted to do it anyway. Plum Sykes, the author and Vogue writer had this to say about Pippa, “Pippa is the luckiest one of all. She gets the right sort of attention from men, fashion designers and hostesses, and doesn’t have any of the duties. She has become a princess without the bad bits.” (The Telegraph, May 6, 2011)
Reportedly her “job” is with a party and event planner in the UK called Table Talk, and her title of PR and Marketing Co-ordinator is fitting for the social Londoner who is frequently snapped at fets around the city. When she’s not at Table Talk, three days a week, Pippa is exercising her pencil as online editor of Party Time, for her momma bear’s company Party Pieces. I also saw articles that mentioned Pippa recently landed a gig with an ex at his green energy company. Whatever the heck she’s doing to “pay the bills,” or “buy new Theory dresses,” she is always sachaying the streets of London looking hella sweet. Here’s a few of my favorite shots of her. I wish I could pull off flats as well as she does, and somehow if I were carrying my laptop in a little handled bag like that, I don’t think it’d look as good. I love how the Middletons are perfect, poster princesses for all the designers vying for their attention lately! Everything they have been photographed in has practically sold out! Besides her most present accessory, a Starbucks cup, it’s one of many handbags by L.K. Bennett on her arm. L.K. Bennett, a designer you had to Google just a few months ago, is now a household name. What’s your favorite thing about Pippa’s style?

All photos above sourced from Style Bistro.


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