Secret Ace in the Hole: Ali Ro

After getting rained on several times last Saturday as I cruised around Cherry Creek North on my pink bike, I decided to dart over to Cherry Creek Mall, for shelter from the extremely finicky weather, and also to look for a dress that I could wear to a couple of upcoming weddings. Believe it or not, I don’t own a go-to LBD myself. Oops, shhh…. So I decided to start at Neiman Marcus. Why not start with the cream of the crop, right?! Wouldn’t you know it, I happened to stumble upon a sale?! This never happens to me! Racks of 65% off greeted my damp self. I went straight to the dresses; after all, I was attempting to focus on the end goal, a dress for weddings. I found an arm full to try on, at least ten! Again, this NEVER happens! How could I not at least give them a try? I found Phoebe Couture dresses, an old favorite of mine, Milly, classic, and a new secret ace in the hole, Ali Ro! I have seen this tan label with pink stitching before, but never had I tried it on. Turns out that Ali Ro is a great fit for my curvaceous bod. Their classic silhouettes, and en pointe color palettes make this line perfect for soirees, cocktail parties, weddings- any occasion really! Usually in the upper $200 price range, these bad boys pictured below were spotted at our very own Neiman Marcus severely reduced! Some were $99!!!! Hurry for the sale selection as a sales associate told me they were being shipped off July 20th. If you want to see more of Ali Ro in Colorado, they are also stock listed at PJ’s Boutique on South Pearl and Spruce on S. Gaylord. Wouldn’t the plaid one be perfect for those barnyard style weddings that are all the rage this summer?


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2 Responses to “Secret Ace in the Hole: Ali Ro”

  1. Tatiana Shimchenok Says:

    I love Ali Ro !!! i have few dresses i got them at Neiman’s and Neiman Marcus last call – go there for best prices! I scored a few there from around 40-50 dollars! BTW i love your Blog , Glo!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Melissa Says:

    Ali Ro Has nice collection… Looks cool specially black and white ckeks

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