E-nterview: Katie from Arizona based Fashion Blog “Running on Happiness”

Katie from Running on Happiness

I love discovering new fashion bloggers and I love it even more when they are sweet, nice and willing to help a fellow blogger out! I forget how, when or where I discovered Running On Happiness, most likely from another blog, in fact I think it was, but I do remember being immediately struck by Katie’s extreme beauty and style sense. She has a really well put together blog and her photos of her personal style are crisp and clean, just what you’d expect from a beautiful digital SLR camera…sigh… It turns out Katie lives in Arizona, just southwest of us Denverites. Here’s our e-mail interview, or e-nterview below. Get some great tips on what to wear to that Fourth of July BBQ coming up, or the first meeting with his folks from Katie, and because I can’t shut up, I’ve added more commentary in response to Katie’s answers. Please feel free to comment along as well!

Fashion Folio: Name, Age, Location, Blog Name:

Running On Happiness: My name is Katie, I am 26 years old. I live in Scottsdale, Arizona and have a blog titled Running on Happiness.

FF: When did you start your blog and why?

ROH: I started my blog in December 2010 after my Husband gave me a DSLR camera for Christmas. I was inspired by other blogs out there, so I thought I would start my own. It really is just a fun passion of mine, where I have the creative outlet to express myself through words and pictures. My blog is all about feeling good on the inside and feeling good on the outside.

A very happy girl! You know what they say, “Happy wife, happy life!”

Katie from Running on Happiness

FF: Is this your full time gig or a creative outlet?

ROH: As of right now, I work full time at a law firm as a paralegal. I am blessed with a great job, however, it is not in my personality to sit behind a desk all day. I love to be inspired and I love to create, which is why this blog fits so perfectly into my life.

I couldn’t agree more! For those of you who don’t know me personally, I do have a day job as well.

FF: What did you go to school for and would you change that or not?

ROH: Some people know what they want to be their entire life. Some go into college with a direct plan. Not me. I switched majors several times and, I guess you could say, took advantage of the educational process. In the end, I received a degree in Communications from Arizona State University, just to receive a degree. I recently realized what my passion is and what I want to be when I grow up. So, if I could go back and change it, I would have definitely studied photography. It is my dream to work full time as a freelance photographer who captures beauty and moments. My path to get there might be a little more windy now, but get there I will.

I am a Communication major as well, with a Certification in PR and Marketing emphasis. I also love photography, and would love to get a Nikkon DSLR camera some day. Maybe I’ll take a course at school…

Katie from Running on Happiness

FF: Have your shopping habits changed since marriage? When did you get married?

ROH: I was blessed to marry my Husband in September of 2009 in Maui, Hawaii. I would not say my shopping habits have changed entirely. I still love to shop! I think the biggest change that I have noticed is that I have become much more budget conscious, and I try not buy things on impulse. When deciding to purchase an item, I really need to like it and I really need to be aware of how it fits into my wardrobe. If I don’t have other things to wear with it, I won’t buy it.

Maybe this is why I love Katie so much, the fact that she’s also a young married gal too, who still maintains a strong self identity and passion through blogging. Never give up who you are ladies! I too feel guilty now when I splurge on something. I recently got caught in a fib when I thought I had my two pairs of Matt Bernson shoes shipped to work, but instead they were shipped to the house! My husband, who is a teacher and is home for the summer called me at work to tell me they arrived. Gulp….

FF: What are your favorite brands, stores in Arizona, and shopping sites online?

ROH: I love J Brand, Free People, Rachel Roy, BCBG, Bar III for brands. In Arizona, the stores I hit up the most are Urban Outfitters, H&M, Forever21, Francesca’s Collections, and the Impulse section at Macy’s. I am discovering amazing online clothing stores, such as Closet Cult, Shop Kempt and so many others. You can seriously find so many amazing and less generic items online for affordable prices. I heart online shopping.

I am getting more into this as well. I started off with shoes from Free People, which always seem to fit right on the money. Now I’ve ventured into clothing, having just ordered a dress for an upcoming wedding off of Gilt.com. It’s a ruby colored Vera Wang Lavendar label gown, and I’m praying it fits as the wedding is July 10th and it’s supposed to arrive July 7th. Nothing like last minute!

FF: What are your go-to pieces for a picnic at a park?

ROH: My go-to pieces for a picnic at the park would be my favorite cut-off denim shorts, a plaid button up down top with the sleeves rolled up and the front tucked into my shorts, a fedora to keep the sun off my face, soft waves in my hair, and flats so I can take my shoes off and let my toes feel the grass.

Katie from Running on Happiness

I am not personally fit enough, yet, to wear denim cutoffs, although your legs are inspiration! I prefer to wear the maxi dresses that are so on trend right now. I just bought a bright purple one with a racer back from Starlet Boutique on Broadway. I am also dabbling with the broom stick skirt trend, although I’ll admit it initially scared me, making me think of third grade prairie skirts. I just found a great printed one, in a light jersey cotton from Buffalo Exchange, it was a new label skirt.

FF: What would an ideal outfit be for a casual family dinner?

ROH: For a casual family dinner, I would wear a simple dress belted at the waist, a pair of sandals, dangly earrings and a top knot bun.

I love this outfit idea! I would add that wrap dresses like Dian Von Furstenberg, for a more conservative family are great. I wear the top know bun a lot, but I think hair down is best on a first family gathering or with in-laws (sometimes they don’t quite “get” fashiony dos). But if they know you have at it ballerina! I would also say that my in-laws like it when I wear flats because I end up being taller than my husband when I’m in heels, which is a LOT!

Katie from Running on Happiness

FF: What would be your best summer dolled up outfit look like?

ROH: For my best dolled-up summer outfit, I would pick a pair of black dress shorts that tie at the waist, a flowy white button down top tucked in, a cute pair of nude sandal heels, and a fish tail braid to the side. I would add pops of color through my accessories, and of course, sport the best accessory of all, bright pink lipstick.

Again, a girl after my own heart! I love bright pink lips! Try MAC’s “Girl About Town.”

Katie from Running on Happiness

FF: Who are your favorite style muses or icons, and what celebs always catch your fashion radar?

ROH: Regarding celebrities, I love the style of Rachel Bilson, Blake Lively, Lauren Conrad and Kate Bosworth. They are all young, fresh and have that west coast vibe that carries throughout their style. When it comes to bloggers, I love Liz from Late Afternoon, Shea Marie from Cheyenne Meets Chanel, Chiara from The Blonde Salad, and Sydney from The Daybook.

Thanks for sharing those bloggies! I know Chiara from the Blonde Salad, she’s in Rome I believe, a cutie, and I am loving these other gals too! As for celebs on my fashion radar, I love Jessica Alba, Selma Blair, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Gwen Stefani.

FF: Have you ever been to Denver, have a desire to visit, or heard anything about us?

ROH: I have not been to Denver, but I want to! I have heard it is such a great place to live. My Husband and I actually talked about visiting this summer. I hope to explore the city very soon.

Oh you should definitely come! There’s so much to do here! E-mail me before you come and I can give you helpful hints, things to do, and a shopping guide!

FF: What else are you into besides fashion?

ROH: Of course, blogging and photography. I am also really interested in interior design/decorating, especially since my Hubby and I just moved into a new house. I also like to cook, bake, workout, and most importantly, spend time with my Hubby, puppies, friends and family.

FF: What music is on your i-pod, or MP3 or Pandora play list?

ROH: My most recent iPod playlist includes: “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO, “Last Friday Night” by Katy Perry, and “Don’t Wanna Go Home” by Jason Derulo. I guess I’m in summer party mode. Even though I’m not partying.

Katie from Running on Happiness

FF: What are a few of your summer “To-Do’s”?

ROH: Hubby and I are hosting our first house party together for the fourth of July. It will include friends, BBQ and pool time. We will also be getting away for a weekend on a house boat in Lake Powell with family, escaping the heat for a week in Laguna, California, celebrate my 27th birthday, and then head to Montana to stay in a cabin with some friends. As for when we’re not vacationing, I will try to escape the 114 degree heat by staying indoors, which includes shopping malls, restaurants and movie theaters.

Congrats on the new abode! How exciting! Well, it sounds like you have a few great weekend getaways planned too. My hubby and I are headed to Steamboat Springs this weekend with friends for the Fourth of July. Brunches, hiking, maybe tubing down the river, barbeques, hopefully smores, and games of horseshoes! We also have a small road trip to Deer Valley Utah planned for Labor Day weekend for my best friend’s wedding. That same friend and I went to Lake Powell when we were 18-19 and rented a house boat with eight other girls and had a blast- you’ll have so much fun! Night swims and sun bathing! Happy early birthday and I hope to see you in Denver sometime to have a celebratory toast!


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4 Responses to “E-nterview: Katie from Arizona based Fashion Blog “Running on Happiness””

  1. Cecilia Oviedo Says:

    Great interview! So many things I didn’t know bout you and now I do, your husband giving you the camera was such a great idea!

  2. Neris Says:

    I love Katie! She is one of my favorite bloggers! Great interview, it is always fun to find out more about girls behind blogs 🙂


    Fashion Fractions

  3. Danielle Grigsby Says:

    I love Katie. She is very sweet and accessible. I have been working with her closely as the social media coordinator for an online boutique, UrbanMinx.com. She is a pleasure to work with in every way. I have a good feeling that she will experience great success because she will not be changed by it.

  4. webdesignmumbai Says:


    […]E-nterview: Katie from Arizona based Fashion Blog “Running on Happiness” « Fashion Folio[…]…

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