I was getting ready to board my train last Thursday when I spotted a fellow in this amazing gettup of madras pants, navy jacket and oxfords. This was a rare sartorial sighting for Lone Tree. I complimented him on his ensemble, he found his trousers on Gilt for $50, and we ended up conversing about fashion the entire train ride and bus ride home. It turns out he moved a couple blocks from me a week ago. He’s a personal stylist for Nordstrom, which explains the cultivated fashion sense Brett Mendes has. He just graduated with a B.A. in business and is planning a retail venture of his own. I love his attention to detail; look at those Persol frames and that silky scarf in his pocket. Watch for Mendes in Denver’s fashion scene.


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One Response to “Dapper”

  1. Heidi B Says:

    I saw him at the Fashion Town Hall Meeting (https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=224421527576824) and thought to myself, why yes, that gentleman does look quite nice! Glad you spotted him too and are sharing his get up with the rest of us!

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