A Visit With THE Denver Jewelry Artist Madeleine O’Connell

Last Saturday I rode my bike over to the Highlands to visit one of my favorite, and in my opinion one of the best, Denver jewelry artists, Madeleine O’Connell, of Gracious Lupita and Black Poodle. I was lucky enough to be invited inside her studio and take in the plethora of baubles in her jewelry assembling loft, (the downstairs is devoted to her paintings). I also got to meet Peter and Grace, her adorable poodles that inspired the lines’ names.
O’Connell collects estate jewelry, broken and unloved jewelry, odd bits and baubles of just about everything imaginable (old watch faces, cameos, little toys and trinkets) and she recreates one-of-a-kind, magnificent pieces. In fact, the watch choker I wore when I got married was one of her pieces, and so were the blue earrings I wore on the day of my reception. I was in heaven surrounded by all her treasure! I couldn’t help but play in the strands of chain and pearls and play designer with O’Connell. She fastened a robot bunny to an amazing choker of chains and pearls for me, a sort of commission/collaboration.
O’Connell expertly reworks a pair of clip on stunners into dazzling danglers or creates statement medallions and pendants out of huge belt buckles. Rather than competing with her friends in metal working who fabricated new pieces for her, O’Connell’s line stands at the head of the line in eco-fashion, made from 100% recycled and salvaged resources, and yet, I would consider her more glamorous and rich looking like that of Bulgari. You can find Gracious Lupita, romantic and feminine, at Perfect Petal, and Black Poodle, the funkier, edgier line at Posh boutique on Larimer Square. You can also find her work at Fleur de Lis, a paperie and accessories boutique in Greenwood Village at the Belleview Promenade, or visit her website here. She will also have a booth at the Denver County Fair, yes you heard me right, July 28th-31st.

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2 Responses to “A Visit With THE Denver Jewelry Artist Madeleine O’Connell”

  1. lilaheats Says:

    Maddy’s jewelry is super cool

  2. jenna Says:

    yay maddie! her jewelry is amazing! glad to have in my store :), actually located in the belleview promenade, not the landmark … thanks for the mention though! great blog!

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