Happy Mother’s Day to all my Real Housewives of Denver!!!

So here’s a shout out to The Real Housewives of Denver! Happy Mother’s Day to my momma and to all the housewives who actually change their own childrens’ diapers, and even gave birth to them. Housewives that get excited about a date night with their husband, shop at Super Target, and use Groupon, and cook on the stove and know how to pre-heat a real oven. Real housewives who are exhausted from taking actual care for their husbands by cooking meals, and ironing their work clothes. Housewives who have days that continue well past 5:00 pm when they go home from their day jobs only to pick up their night job of bath time and story time, and helping with their childrens’ homework, and feeding and walking the dog, and scrubbing their kitchen and bathroom floors, vacuuming, dusting, laundry, writing bills. Not to mention getting peed on, thrown up on, and whatever else on, and the fact that many can’t even take a shower in peace for 15 minutes. Here’s a thought Bravo, how about showing housewives who grocery shop, are on committees and boards of philanthropic groups, donate to their church and sing in the choir, drive their kids to soccer practice and spend their extra money on their children’s clothing rather than their own. That is worth air time and advertising dollars; hello Proctor and Gamble.
I salute the women, who I admire and love, to my own momma who raised me right and worked so hard to give us everything we wanted and needed, and to my sister and sister-in-laws who are doing a marvelous job with all my nieces, and to my friends with kiddos, to the mother I am lucky enough to have gained with my new marriage, and my beautiful step mom in Florida, I am proud of you all and love you all. It’s not always a glamorous or fashionable job, but it’s remarkable, and rewarding, and a job I hope to have one day. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Real Housewives I know!


One Response to “Happy Mother’s Day to all my Real Housewives of Denver!!!”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Awww, I love this! Made me proud to be a real mommy!

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