Princess Caternine’s Causing a Surge for Birds

Not that you need another post, tweet, news spot, write up or reminder that Come Friday April 29th, Prince William gains a bride, and the fashion world, a new fashion icon to cyber-stalk. If you are like me, you’re planning on staying up into 2 am, MST, to watch Kate Middleton walk down the aisle at Westminster Abbey in a jaw dropping couture gown that will undoubtedly be on every cover of, well everything, then you’ll most certainly need a feather fastener fir for royalty. My girlfriend Tatiana Schimchenok, whom I’ve blogged about before, is not only a woman of incredible fashion sense, but a talented artist as well. For my bachelorette party, I was lucky enough to get one of her hand made feather plume headbands! That sparked another friend of mine to place an order with Tatiana, possibly for accessorizing her Kentucky Derby gettup perhaps. If you’re headed to high tea this weekend to have a Royal Wedding viewing party, or if you have tickets to the Kentucky Derby parties coming up, you just may want to place your order stat! E-mail Tatiana at Cost is $50 for a custom feather fastener headband.


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