Grateful Sundays…

It’s Easter Sunday evening, and I’m stalling on writing my Mass Comm paper, which ironically is about fashion blogging and its negative implications. I am not one of those fashion bloggers who gets freebies or handouts. There are no comped trips to trendy hotels in Palm Springs or Soho, or free tickets to front row at fashion week. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want or love all those things, but I think on some level I know that I may never get to that level of notoriety and fame in the fashion blogging world, and that’s okay by me. Every moment of my waking life is not about fashion, or buying something, or being styled. Life to me is about enjoying family life with my husband, being a humble, thankful, girl like my parents taught me, finishing school and working hard, and maybe someday having a baby, or two or three. I don’t care if the hipsters think I’m square, or if the fashionistas think I’m a poser, I’m a girl from Colorado, representing the millions of women in the middle, whom L.A. and NYC seem to forget all about.
I ride the bus, shop at Ross, and have paid for every one of my airplane tickets, and am proud of that. While I do read W, Vogue, Elle, and fashion blogs almost on a daily basis, and have an astute knowledge of designers and brands, that’s not all that I am or know, it’s not what defines me. So, I’ll continue on with Fashion Folio, but it’s intentions are NOT to make you want to rush out and buy ANYTHING, or to make you feel the need to consume. Now, that being said, if you NEED something or are in the market for something, and you happen to get your inspiration from my blog, then more power to you. I realize that we, fashion bloggers, have an enormous amount of persuasion power when it comes to retail consumption, but I am conscious and cautious of this. The goal of Fashion Folio is to share a Denverite’s perspective about fashion and retail. I also see how fashion and retail can also bring tourism and see it as a very important part of the economic mix. I would love for the powers at be, who design, manufacture, and are in the business of setting up shop, to see Denver as a prospective city to expand their businesses in and bring a booming retail scene to my beloved hometown.

So, I wanted to start a consistent Sunday post of what I’m currently loving and grateful for.

“Get Gorgeous” tea by Republic of Tea- I love how you can see Denver’s iconic “Cash Register Building” is in the window through the drizzle.

My new Crate and Barrel floating magazine rack I received as a wedding gift from dear Renee Mudd, fellow blogger of The-Intersection. Thank You!

My perfumes! Favorite Bond No. 9 Perfume with a Polaroid of my husband and I on our honeymoon in Rome. We were having tiramasu and cappuccinos our first night there in Campo di Fiori.

A gorgeous Desigual coat I was fortunate enough to buy in Barcelona. My husband helped pick it out, and it was my birthday gift as well. It’s on my bed with our new bedding and duvet cover from Nicole Miller that we purchased this weekend with all some of our gift cards from the wedding. Thank you!

My nightstand with a book my friend Kaitlin and I plan to read together, a vintage box filled with mini Bond No. 9 bon bons, and a FujiFilm Instax Mini that is so fun to use and made quite a stir with the ladies at the nail salon on my wedding day.

Our custom wedding cake topper made to replicate Maz and I (by The Small Object), and a cupcake topper from our wedding, and a cork from champagne in Barcelona on our honeymoon on a bookshelf in our office with some of my favorite advertising and marketing books.

Happy Easter everyone! Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again….


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