Another Denver Tee Shirt Line…

Just discovered a new line of Denver designed graphic tees by ad guy Christopher Reinhard, Andrew Hoffman and Allison Shaw. Driven and produced by graphics designers and creative types, the line plans to collab with artists and friends in Denver’s creative community, which this social trio will certainly have no problems in booking. A nifty tee designed by Travis Egedy of Pictureplane caught my eye. An American Indian feather pays homage to Colorado’s plains, but the geographic orange overlays give it the edge and modernity that is our town, the Denver we are today. With limited runs of 25, hand numbered and signed, you better click to cart now.
Denver Clothing Company.

Epidermal Growth $25.00


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One Response to “Another Denver Tee Shirt Line…”

  1. Andrew Hoffman Says:

    Thank you so much for the awesome write up!

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