Red for Fashion

Hot off the press! Designer Tricia Hoke sent me a press release today. Starting March 1st, and happening every first Tuesday onward, Double Daughter’s Salotto will be hosting Red Drinks Denver; Style Night. This networking event, 5:30 pm-8:30 pm, will be an opportunity for anyone interested in bringing more awareness of style and fashion to Denver to convene, share ideas, establish a group with a similar mentality, and of course a chance to show off your own personal style amongst those in the community who will appreciate it! This was started by Tricia Hoke of Tricia Hoke Designs, Deb Henricksen of Equillibrium, Lisa Ramfjord Elstun, CEO and Creative Director of LRE Couture, LLC, Fashion Group International, and Mario’s Double Daughter’s Salotto. I hope to make it to the launch event next Tuesday to here what speakers and projects are in store for this group over the next six months, and meet these fine ladies and all of you! Almost forgot! Dress in your best Red outfit for a chance at winning a gift certificate to Cherry Creek’s SEE Eyewear boutique! Get inspired by reading more about the 2011 Heart Truth Celebrity Event that raises awareness for women and heart disease, and the fashion show held at Mercedes Benz fashion week ago.

The Heart Truth 2011 Event


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