So, it’s only two weeks into January and I’ve already been slacking on the posts. Apologies! However, I have worked out three days in a row! Last week I did well with the physical excursion as well. I guess life is constantly a balancing act. Next week is school, and then I’ll really have all the balls in the air! Another reason I’ve been skipping the blog is time spent getting ready for a wedding! Had I pulled a Nicole Ritchie, and had two kids before planning my wedding, I think I would have ended up eloping! Wasn’t her dress stunning though? I mean, if you can get designer, that’s the dress I would have wanted. Don’t know how she managed it all, or any mother for that matter. I did fit in plenty of girlfriend time last weekend, so in a way I have been balancing my social life somewhat.

Saturday I met a wonderful friend, whom I haven’t seen in years sadly, in Morrison at the Blue Cow. Sunny side eggs and a pancake turned into cups and cups of coffee, boutique hopping and before I knew it, it was 3 pm! She scored an amazing chaisse lounge for the foot of her bed, we both found knit muk-luk type slippers, and I found some beautiful light fixtures for the wedding. Overall, an unexpected and serendipitous afternoon. That was proceeded with a trip to the Cherry Creek mall where another friend and I picked up my fiance’s ring!!!! We wandered into BCBG and happened upon a 40-60% off sale! I found the perfect dress for the courthouse ceremony. The last one, and half off, a perfect Saturday.

Sunday, in the snow, I went off to have high tea at House of Commons Tea off Platte and 15th in Riverfront. It was scrumptious! I started off with a pot of Moroccan mint tea, and went with a second pot of tea, switching to the Kenyan Milima Estate, which was an amazing black tea. All the baked goods, including the perfect scones are made at House of Commons Tea. There was tier after tier of yummy morsels including traditional sharp cheese sandwiches and cucumber sandwiches and little brownies and petite bite sized cheesecake. I was fortunate enough to meet the owner and her lovely daughter after I had popped back in to get my fiance a scone and a bag of the Kenyan to go. The owner is from Blackpool, London, which sparked an interesting exchange of commentary as my fiance loves the British soccer team Arsenal, a Blackpool rival. I have to say it was really, a great high tea, and unlike the Brown Palace Hotel, we were able to get a reservation, and even sat in window watching the snow fall. Hope you all are gearing up for another weekend and are staying warm out there! Brr… off to get my Kneyan tea which is hot of the stove…mmmm

The owner of House of Commons Tea, and her daughter


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