Little Post-Its for the Mind…

So, rather than blasting “goals” out there like my fiance’s favorite Fox Soccer highlights show, I’ll subliminally call them my little post-its for the mind. For 2011, I hope to be more conscious and aware of these little post-its I plant now. A few of my checklist items to “make better,” as Elle Magazine calls it, include the following.

1. Cook more. Not just throwing things together, but actually following recipes, and preparing meals and maybe even doing something that may make me woozy at first like gutting a whole chicken. (Yes, I might have been inspired by Julie and Julia on my plane ride home from Dubai.)

Amy Adams in "Julie and Julia" image from

2. Move my body more. I won’t say “workout,” or “exercise,” I just plain want to move my body more! Be it dance classes, yoga sessions, or maybe even stepping outside the comfort zone and trying a spin class or boxing class. I want to get…Physical, Physical! (The fun outfits will be motivation, and my slimmer ass hopefully.)

Gweneth Paltrow with trainer Tracy Anderson- Photo via Paltrow's blog GOOP

3. Learn more Arabic. After all, I am marrying a gorgeous, amazing, generous, loving Syrian man. How sexy would it be to whisper sweet nothings to my habibi (Arabic for my love) when he comes home from a long day?!

"Habibi" Image by Faris Habayeb from the blog

4. Crack the books more. I really am getting into my studies, and I really want to apply myself more. Having a perfect pink cruiser equipped with basket space for library books and laptop bag will make this easier to do.

Georgia May Jagger in Vogue China- Issue July 2010- photo via

5. Shop more wisely. This includes buying less, for lack of a better word, crap, and investing in more classics. Also, I hope to use the internet more and hope to discover new, fun shopping sites.

Here are a couple of online shopping sites I plan to bookmark:

Shop Goldyn

Kain Label Dress available on, Sale, $88.90

Mod Cloth

Sugar and Spice Dress- Available on ModCloth.Com Sale $70.00


Fireworks Tank Available on Sale $59.99

Opening Ceremony

Pieced Striped Dress Available on Sale $123.00

How about you? What are your favorite online shopping sites?


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