Christmas Gift Ideas: December 10

Framed Art as seen on May '10

Two words- custom framing. Yes, sounds weird, but I would love a frame job for a piece of children’s art work I have from when I was in Kindergarten. I keep saving random coupons from Michael’s Craft Store, and they usually have an additional 40% off at times, but I just haven’t got a round to taking it in. New Year’s resolution, pay more attention to interior design.
And to give, ah to give…I can share two gifts with you now that the recipients have already opened them! This year I gifted my best friend who lives in West Village, NYC, a pair of Toms shoes. I purchased the pair below for her; navy with pinstripes and a line that reads, “Love is the new black.” So cute! I thought they’d be good for walking around the big city and around her college campus.

For another friend in the Big Apple, I gifted a pair of recycled mittens from Do The Green Thing in London. They are a great little company I discovered last year. They have this cute little project called Glove Love where they collect mismatched gloves and mittens and clean them up, pair them with a mate and send them off to new, loving owners. I thought they were a great idea. Both companies, Toms, which donates a pair of shoes to a child in need every time you purchase a pair, and Do the Green Thing, were companies that I could feel good about spending money at this year. Merry Christmas Dani and Renee!


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