Christmas Gift Ideas: December 2

So, for day two of wish listing I would have to say, that I would really love a pair of flat, black, leather riding boots. I saw a girl at my bus stop the other day wearing a great pair by Kenneth Cole, from Off Saks 5th Avenue at Colorado Mills. They were black with chunky, gold hardware, and apparently they were on sale for $100! I love these rocker, over-the-knee boots found on Kenneth Cole’s site. They are $350, but 30% off, so that makes em…. oh…$245, and still out of reach, but hey, a girl can dream! For gifting, it’s always fun to find unique things that are handmade. Just discovered this awesome company, Miniature Rhino, another Brooklyn based company, must be the entrepreneurs city of choice, via Etsy. Jessica, from California, is the crafty girl behind Miniature Rhino and I love her charm and appreciation for the hand written note. I love sending letters, cards and notes, so the perfect little holiday gift would be a message in a bottle, or one of these nostalgic looking mini notebooks; $12 and $11 respectively, definitely within the budget! The mini notebook has that old timey feel of the traditional USPS envelopes, an homage to my daddy perhaps who retired from the USPS, and this guy can also be used as a CD envelope, which is another great gift idea. Personalize a play list and wrap it up in this!

Kenneth Cole- Rockin' Rebel Boot- Photo Courtesy of

Holiday Message in a Bottle Kit_Photo via MiniatureRhino on Etsy

Mini Notebook, 10 pages, or CD envelope, Photo via Miniature Rhino


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