Christmas Gift Ideas: December 1

Okay, I know it’s actually December 2, but I didn’t have time to post this last night, or I was too lazy. Either way, I plan to post one item I wish to have under my tree this year, and one item I think would make a mighty fine gift, up until Christmas day. So here goes for December 1st. I’d really, love another pair of Joe’s Chelsea skinny jeans. I bought my first pair in San Francisco at Nordstrom, and they truly are the best fit for a curvier girl. Dark blue Vincent wash, ahhh….they go with everything, $158. I wore mine out and would love to replace them! As for what to give, that all depends on your list of course. My list changes every year. I always buy for the little ones, I have six nieces, and a seventh on the way, and I always try to get something for mom and pops. Then there are the close friends who you want to show you appreciation for in some way, siblings, I have three, and the list goes on. Our family has decided to just purchase for the kiddos, but I can’t resist eying all these cute little trinkets for people. I can see myself giving one of these canvas wine totes away from Maptote, at least to a couple of Manhattan urbanites I know. Their 100% cotton, made in Brooklyn and $13, what’s not to love?!

Joe's Jeans- Chelsea Skinny- Vincent Wash- Photo from

Photo by Kate Mathis- WineTotes


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