What the Frock?!

When I first moved back to Denver from San Francisco, back in 2007, I landed a great writing gig with ThisWeekInDenver.com and I attended a fashion show at the Denver Public Library. That event was the “Frock Out” fashion show and design competition, thought up by Chris Loffelmacher, in cultural programming at the Denver Public Library. I remember that show vividly as the venue, the Denver Public Library atrium, was the perfect backdrop for Denver fashion. I was treated to dresses and tailoring that i had never been exposed to before. This event truly curates the best of the best in denver’s fashion design scene.

Incroyables by Melissa May dress, modeled by Taylor Hull. Photo Courtesy of Melissa May's site.

In a few words from Mr. Loffelmacher I got the low down on how the “Frock Out” event got its start.
“The original impetus for Frock Out came in the spring of 2007 when I was having dinner with a couple of friends and supporters of Fresh City Life. I had just finished a big event for the library (I think we were having a celebratory dinner) and one of them asked, ‘So, what do you want to do now?’ I sort of jokingly said, ‘I want to put on a fashion show,’ and they both brightened and agreed that the time was right. So after a few weeks of ruminating on the idea, I called my friend Tran Wills, Denver’s own fashion impresaria, and asked her if she’d like to put on a big show at the library. She loved the idea — and that is where Frock Out got its start.'” The unique name, “Frock Out,” “‘was chosen by me for its soft and hard, old and new, double entendre-ness,'” says Loffelmacher.

Fallene Wells, "Let 'Em Have It!" Designs, modeled by Christy Kruzick, Photo Courtesy of Fallene Well's site

Well the event returns to the Denver Public Library, this Thursday November 18, 2010, at 7:30 pm. This year, there will be eleven designers competing, including Fallene Wells, Tricia Hoke, Melissa May and Jose Duran. I have previoulsy posted about Tricia Hoke and Fallene Wells and am excited to see what they muster up for the big runway this Thursday. Among the judges this year are Mondo Guerra, the recent second place winner of the Project Runway show, and channel CW2’s Chris Parente and BurleyCute’s Cora Vette will be the evening’s MCs. This year’s show is subtitled “Sideshow,” and with that theme Loffelmacher says, “the designers’ capstone pieces will be evocative of a circus midway (the sideshow and attractions leading to the big top).”

This is one fashion show you want to get in on Denver. Standing room only tickets are sold out but you can still purchase general seating and VIP tickets here.

Tricia Hoke Designs- Photograph by Kevin Hoth



One Response to “What the Frock?!”

  1. gschinagl Says:

    You don’t actually have to be a Fashion Blogger per say to go to events, just have to purchase a ticket. 🙂

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