Tracy Reese Designer, Lady Soule, Gives us Some Post-Halloween Sugar

The Adorable, Lady Soule

I have a treat for you all! I recently read an article on and discovered that a designer for one of my favorite labels, Tracy Reese went to school in CO! I was able to snag a great Q & A with the very busy and talented, Lady Soule. Here’s another cute write up on Lady Soule, and her summer style by Apartment Therapy. Enjoy!

Name: Lady Soule
Age: (If you want to share) 34
Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
Favorite Designer: Comme des Garcons, Miuccia Prada, and Marni
Favorite Model:

* From the 60’s – Jean Shrimpton and Penelope Tree
* From the 70’s – Lauren Hutton (I love that cap in the front teeth)
* From the 80’s – Paulina Porizkova
* From the 90’s and forever – Kate Moss
* Of the moment – Lara Stone (I love that cap in the front teeth once again!)

I too, adore Lara Stone! I’ve been envying her custom Givenchy Couture wedding gowns by Ricardo Tisci since photos have been splashing around the internet since her nuptials back in May 2010.

Lara Stone in a Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy designed, wedding reception stunner

Favorite: Restaurant in NY: Marlow N’ Sons (Brooklyn)

See New York Magazine’s write up on the restaurant here.

Marlow and Sons- Image via

Favorite Coffee Shop in NY: El Beit (Brooklyn)/ Joe on Waverly and Gay St. (Manhattan)

The front of El Beit on Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, as photographed and documented on Elaine Perlov's Blog-

Favorite Activity in NY: Riding my bike, walking my dog, and vintage shopping.

Q: So, you went to college in Colorado for fashion design, correct? How old were you when you knew you wanted to pursue designing?
A: Yes, I went to school for fashion design in Colorado. I knew I wanted to be a designer as early as age 12, but seemed like a pipe dream at the time so I didn’t truly pursue it until I was about 24. I went back to school for design at Colorado State University and I was super focused.

Q: You are now a designer for one of my favorite labels, Tracy Reese! How long have you been designing here?
A: I have been designing here for 8 years now.
Q: Where were you before?
A: This is my 1 and only true job in the industry at this level. I worked in retail and did merchandising and buying for a few places in Colorado before that, but Tracy Reese is really where I got my start. I interned here and then they created a job for me. I’ve been here ever since.
Q: What has been your favorite collection for Tracy Reese?
A: I really always think about her collection from Spring 2008. The first group was called “Tangier” and had amazing wide leg pants and 40’s inspired ribbon striped dresses. The second group was not my favorite, but the third group was called “High Voltage” and had amazing jumpsuits with wide legs. It had all my favorite colors too. Bright blue, Cherry, and Goldenrod. I loved it.

Ribbon Striped Dress from Tracy Reese's Spring '08 Collection- Photo via

Wide Leg Trousers at Tracey Reese's Spring '08 Show- Photo via

Q: Halloween was last Sunday, did you have a perfect costume planned out?
A: My costume was not planned at all. I had thought about being the 14 year old fashion blogger, Tavi, but I didn’t get prepared in time so at the last minute (about 10 minutes before I went out) I decided to be Dennis Hopper from Easy Rider. It actually turned out really well and everyone loved it!

Lady Soule's Halloween Costume- Dressed As Dennis Hopper from Easy Rider

Q: What were your big Halloween party plans?
A: Every year I go to this event where a bunch of Brooklyn bands actually dress up as more popular main steam bands and play there music. It is always fun! Minor threat and the Clash from 1976 were my favorites this year.

Q: What has been your most memorable fashion moment so far?
A: I have three that come to mind all at once:

1. Once I was wearing a white dress with large bright blue polka dots by Tracy Reese with yellow round toe sling backs by Marc Jacobs (a favorite outfit of mine at the time) out in Vegas. Well, I ended up standing next to Owen Wilson in the bathroom line and he told me he looked really cute! It was great.

Not too shabby getting a compliment from a hottie celeb!

3. I got to go to one of Marc Jacobs shows and sit front row at the time when his shows were still really celebrity heavy. It was so crazy. I was so dumbfounded. I sat in between the Olsen twins.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen seated front row at Marc Jacobs- photo via

2. I had a Frock dress make the cover of WWD last year and Demi Lovato was wearing it. They styled it so cute!! I couldn’t have asked for a better piece of press. It was one of the highlights of my career.

Despite the Disney Teen Queen’s recent drama as of late, a fight on her recent tour stemmed a stint in rehab, this dress by Frock by Tracy Reese is pure girlie fun and a perfect example of what the line is best known for- party frocks!

Q: Who would you love to design clothes for?
A: Marc Jacobs or Marni
Q: Who would be your muse?
A: That is a tough one. . . I always love Chloe Sevigny’s style and I really love Alexia Chung’s style right now.


Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Collection- Photo via Zimbio

Alexa Chung at the 2010 ELLE Style Awards- photo vie

Q: Or what type of girl would you want to style? I would love to style the girl who is half kooky tom boy and half girlie girl. She has to have a sense of humor about dress. That is my dream.

Q: When did you move to New York?
A: 2002
Q: How was it a shock, coming from New Mexico, and going to school in Colorado, and then moving to a city like New York?
A: Oh wow, it was a shock in every kind of way. I felt really alone in the beginning. Even though you are surrounded by people all the time I didn’t know anyone and it was hard at first. It took at least 2 years to truly get a good group of friends that were down to earth that I could actually identify with. Also, it took a long time to get used to the stimulation and begin to not say yes to doing everything. You get so swept up in the city that you feel guilty if you stay home and relax, but after awhile you just have to get the balance back.

Q: What’s next for Lady Soule?!
A: Wow, I’m not sure at this point. I really hope to be my own boss someday, but I don’t know if I want to do my own clothing line. I have it pretty good right now. I work on my own and just get approval from Tracy. She trusts me and it is a good fit so it is hard to think forward to the next step. I’ll keep you posted though!


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