Dracula Ballet in Spatula Grey

Being a former ballerina, I try to attend at least two of Colorado Ballet’s performances a year. Friday, my fiance and I went to opening night of Dracula. I love this ballet! Itwas quite the dramatic scene though, when towards the end of the first act an older gentlemen trying to exit the theater dropped to the floor right in front of our seating area, and we all thought he was dead! Too much stimulation with the three vampires seducing the male dancer apparently. Luckily, the first act ended dramatically, the live music and dance kept on, and the gent came to and was wheeled out by an EMT. The ballet was amazing though, and my favorite ballerina, Maria Mosnia was dancing.

We went to dinner beforehand at PF Changs downtown. I wore a white jacket and grey dress, both the Twelve by Twenty One line from Forever 21, purchased earlier this summer. Black booties, $15, K-Mart, earrings vintage clip ons purchased at the thrift store for $4, and purpley grey clutch from Old Navy, $8, purchased last summer.


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  1. gschinagl Says:

    Yes, that is me.

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