Boheme Introduction

I’ve mentioned my friend Hossana Berhe before, but now we can add jewelry designer to her resume. She has collected an assortment of accessories from Turkey over the years, she traveled to Turkey this past Spring for a wedding, and she has also been designing her own jewelry for years from stones, beads and materials sourced here in Denver. From this collection she has started Boheme, which means bohemian in Turkish, and has set out to sell some of these pieces. Her Monday through Friday job is spent working for a non-profit helping African refugees acclimate to life in Denver, where she dresses up her work wardrobe with culturally inspiring accessories. Hossana, from Ethiopia, also has an extensive knowledge of world music and recently co-hosted Musica Mundi with DJ Ewket on Wednesday October 6th on 88.5FM or 1390AM; it was also heard online at KGNU. Currently, she is working on a website for Boheme, but you can call her or e-mail her for a showing and she’d be more than willing to have you in her home and share her treasure trove with potential buyers. She shared some photos with me of a behind the scenes photo shoot she did for the website. Rings range in price from $10 for the square, to $25 with the dragon fly. Call Hossana for a showing at 720-298-5682 or e-mail her at


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One Response to “Boheme Introduction”

  1. TemG Says:

    Thats my cousin. haha.

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