I’ve mentioned this in a post before, how fashion bloggers post what’s inside their bags. Marie Claire devotes its last page to this phenomenon as well. Rachel Ray, Rachel Zoe, Mary J Blige, have all spilled out their Blackberries and pieces of chewing gum for the world to see. So, what the heck, why not, I can be transparent. Here’s what’s in mine on a day to day.

Queen Bee wallet, Oliver Peoples shades, Hello Kitty tin pencil case from Chinatown in NYC, Bond NYC parfume, Givenchy hand lotion, battered address book, bottle of Motrin, Twist and Pout lipgloss, Moleskin journal, Revlon lipsticks in “Gentleman Prefer Pink,” and “Love That Pink,” MAC lipsticks in “Desire,” and “Girl about Town,” robot case, Cobalt 5 gum in peppermint, elastic strips for blisters, Colt & Gray matches (I’ve never tried a cigarette in my life, but I collect them from restaurants I visit), mints, a mirror, pens, a packet of Truvia someone let me try, keys with a Kid Robot pancakce stack keychain and an evil eye charm from a friend from her visit to Turkey, a photo of my niece, and a lucky penny; (I seem to find one almost every day).


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