NYFW- Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The last day I was in New York, we started off with a coffee and cinnamon roll from my favorite stop, Le Pain de Quotidien, which I had heard about in InStyle magazine’s one page interview with SNL’s Kristen Wiig (she said she loved going there for a cappuccino). I visited three times in a seven day span, so I can claim favoritism. Coffee in hand, we were on our way to Central Park, the entrance by the Guggenheim, and a view of the reservoir. A leisurely stroll through the park and a perfect, sunshine filled day landed us outside Lincoln Center for some great fashion sightings to soak in before heading back to Denver.
All photographs below were taken by Glorianna G. Schinagl, and not meant to be copied or distributed, all rights reserved.

I really loved this photographer from Vogue Italia online. I like how she paired her neon printed tucan button down, with muted, steel blue pants, driving shoes and bag.

Then, there was lots of action; photographers running and calling out. Who was it? It was Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast! A darling of designers, photographers and bloggers ( scroll down to see why). Her goth jewelry, and knuckle rings, grown out roots, Ray Ban wayfarers, boots, bare legs and miniscule shirts as dresses are all Rumi. That furry bag is by Theory, fyi.

And then the holy grail of the fashion editorial community, well, not quite Anna Wintour status, but…Nina Garcia of Marie Claire and Project Runway!!! Preggers and gorgeous, she was sweet enough to give me a smile!

Here’s the other greatness I saw…


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One Response to “NYFW- Tuesday, September 14, 2010”

  1. gschinagl Says:

    Well, I can’t say that I have actually went to Fashion Week yet as I did not get invited to any fashion shows. Maybe some day!

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