In Style: Donating Your Hair

Last night, I stopped in the 24-Hour Starbucks on Colorado Blvd. for an iced coffee before seeing “Eat, Pray, Love,” a lovely tear jerker that I am glad I saw with girlfriends instead of the boyfriend who always asks if I’m crying during movies. It was a great detour, turns out, not only because I ran into Michael, who I’ve know for five years from going to this very Starbucks off and on for about five years now, but because as I was leaving to head to the theater, I spotted this beautiful young lady shopping near the journals. I noticed her head wrap and it turns out she just donated her hair a week ago to a non-profit organization, Children Without Hair, and has been hiding her shorn hair underneath and appeared to be a little self concious. Her generousity, kind smile and sparkly eyes far out shined her baldness, more so than any scarf ever could. If you’re feeling as courageous as Andrea, you can donate your locks to organizations like Locks for Love and Angel Hair Foundation.

Andrea-Photo by Fashion Folio


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