K-Mart. Come Again?

I was intentively surveying the new crop of ads in the latest issue of Vogue, September issue, when my eyes fell upon a chic three-pager from, eh eh em, K-Mart! Say what?! Yes. I know. I spotted the black, ankle booties and the skinny, army green khakis and the military-esque jacket on the model and I was sold on making a pit stop after work. I made a bee line for the shoes and was pleasantly surprised to see the booties I was after, in my size, last pair, and on sale! They are by a brand called Glo Jeans Footwear. They were $19.99, but I scored them for $14.99! Yippee! New fall booties for less than $20! I don’t have the cash for Monolo’s, let alone Aldo at this point, but this was the perfect fall shoe solution. They’re also a great height; for wearing around campus possibly. There were also pointy-toed flats in a faux snake skin, and a pair of open-toed kitten heels with bows (so Marc Jacobs, Fall ’10). Kathy Ireland step off.


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