Zoobi Designs

Zoobi Designs Necklace- $20 on Etsy- Photo Courtesy of Etsy.com

I know there are a ton of talented people who claim to be artisans on Etsy, but there’s there’s always a stand out, diamond in the rough from time to time, like the necklaces and pendants by Zoobi Designs. Not only do I get a giggle out of their name, I’m Czech and growing up we called our teeth zoobies, but I can actually say that printing onto river rocks and stones actually constitutes as a talented jeweler in my book; as opposed to getting a package of beads from Hobby Lobby and stringing a necklace. I think that Zoobi’s necklaces would be great dressed up, or worn everyday with a cardi and funky tee to brunch, and they would make amazing gifts. They are $20 folks, that’s less than brunch itself! I love the vintage vibe from the scrap of a Shakesperean passage, “Desiring this man’s…” meow! Click here to purchase NOW!



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  1. A Sonnet. Get on It. « Fashion Folio Says:

    […] their neckie noodle! I have blogged about the Canadian duo behind the river rock pendants before, here and here, and this time they’re back to share the love with you by giving away this genuine […]

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