50 First Dresses: For Your Dates

One of my best friends recently had a baby, and before that, a shower. Her best friend Tess Vigil, gifted her hand sewn baby bibs, which were adorbs, and that gift was how I got the scoop, from her adoring momma, on just what Tess was up to lately. Her story reads like this: she grew up in Denver, (yahoo!) moved to NYC for college, (Columbia, not too shabby smarty pants!), moved across country to L.A. and worked as a teacher for three years through the Teach for America program, but didn’t give up on L.A. before discovering why she was meant to move there. She realized her true passion, fashion and designing clothes! The ambitious Tess immediately enrolled herself in sewing and pattern making courses at Los Angeles Trade Tech College. Meanwhile, she worked her tail off as an assistant and intern for an L.A. based childrens’ clothing line. The smart business woman that she is, Tess launched into designing her own line of dresses in April of 2010. Her goal is to create 50 dresses that will eventually hit production, just in time for spring breakers in 2011. Unlike the movie, “50 First Dates” you won’t forget Tess Vigil’s designs anytime soon. Click here to see all of them, she’s on #38.

Tess Vigil- Photo Courtesy of Facebook.


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    […] 50 Dresses featured on Fashion Folio! (click here) […]

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