3D Metaphors

My talented friend Omar Rodriguez recently starting silk screening graphic tees. His passion for architecture and design have bowled over into fashion; fortunately for us all! His work was presented most recently at Fashion Flash Mob a couple weeks ago. Ironically, he silk screens his designs onto designs in his amazing home, in one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods off 4th and Elati, which was originally a printing shop! Here’s what Omar had to say about the inspiration behind his designs.

3DM Photo

“I always wanted to do graphics (or paintings in a way) with more impact than just showing them in my bedroom by my bookshelves. I love wearing and gifting T-shirts. On the other hand I have been all my life fascinated with the work of the famous illustrator Lex Drewinski. His work is always very clever, simple and powerful. I decided to “borrow” his iconic snake/lady image and give it a new twist even edgier then I “created” the “male version.” I am not pretending to be famous or considered a graphic designer, LOL, this is more of a gift to my friends, something I can do with my own hands. I designed the images (using the concept of “art appropriation” or “art recycling” and what I am planning is to do small productions. Of course I do my own screen printings, so the final product is totally handcrafted, and as I said before, is a gift from me to you all. I am encouraging everyone who has liked the designs to recycle a T-shirt as well! Let’s all give a new “life/graphic” to a plain tee we love! 3D’M stands for 3D Metaphors. To “purchase” just the screen printing (that means just the images) the idea is to come to my studio with a plain tee and I will do the screen printing in front of you while having a cup of coffee and some chatting for $10, you know how much I love chatting with everyone! It is always inspiring to me! I love doing graphics and since I bought that little screen printer, I see lots of designs coming! I want to make people laugh, or think, or investigate some topics and enjoy them as much as I do! Hugs, Omar”

If you’re interested in breathing new life into one of your old tees or tanks, by putting a 3D Metaphors design on it, contact Omar through Facebook to set up a time to come by and have a cup of coffee.


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