The Future: Creme de la Couture

William H. Richardson and Ean- Stylists

Last night, Saturday July 31st, marked the end July 2010, and the beginning of a new shopping experience for fashion enthusiasts in Denver. Creme de la Couture, a new vintage clothing store owned by Nicole Schapp, celebrated its launch with a luxurious event and fashion show at the JW Marriott’s Second Home in Cherry Creek. Men’s looks provided by Dress for Less Clothiers were peppered in with models flaunting one stunning, black lace Chanel frock, after another puckered lip print Prada skirt. Salon Tres C took credit for polishing off the looks with just the right pinch of modernity. The disc jockey, with the MC Solaar-like voice, weaved the three designer packed acts, casual, evening and day, together with a Pandora type playlist of MGMT flavored tunes bumping in the background. With five giddy girlfriends in tow, we lined the front row and whispered and nudged each other as our favorites whisked by; a certain white skirt suit by Chanel, and a leopard lined blazer by Dolce and Gabanna impressed. With free entry, and a free cocktail and nibbles, Crème de la Couture’s hospitality equally measured its panache for vintage labels. Stop in next week to try on those crocodile leather pants for yourself, and don’t forget to mention Crème de la Couture to all your “label whore” friends who have snubbed vintage in the past. These tags actually contain many couturier heavyweights, unlike the curled up, and bleached out tags in many stores who claim to sell vintage. A dress may just be a dress, but a Dolce is forever. A big thanks to Katielyn Embrick for getting me and my friends RSVP’d! Many stylists had a hand in fashioning the show including Wiliam H. Richardson and Ean for the men’s looks.
Creme de la Couture: 3041 S. Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113 P. 303.781.5577

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2 Responses to “The Future: Creme de la Couture”

  1. Liz Says:

    I heard about the show…I visited the store and Dress for Less which is right next door.

    Creme de la Couture has more current couture than any resale store I’ve been in. It was amazing!!! They did have some great vintage, but their current and recently current was abundant as well. A lot of the clothes still have original price tags on them from various high end stores and boutiques.

    What a fabulous find! Who needs Niemans & Saks…Denver has the 3000 block of S Broadway. Both are great stores.

  2. Nicole Schaap Says:

    Thank you Miss Liz! And thank you fashion folio for this great blog I’m thrilled you could attend! We think its time for another show… You gals come in and introduce yourselves! We try to bring in the best from around the globe… Thank you for showing your love! Makes it all worth it!

    Nicole Schaap

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