Design Me Up the Wall

Katie Deedy of Grow House Grow designs hand printed wall papers that carry the motto, “A Story for Every Storey,” and her talents and reputation rolled all the way fromm Brooklyn, New York to me, here in Denver, Colorado. Once a fan of Domino Magazine, R.I.P., I used to tear pages of inspirational Soho apartments, many designed around wallpaper as the pivotal design point. Katie’s papers are more than something to cover a spackled wall, they are works of art with inspiring tales of love and history built right in. The details within the patterns, one of a girls arms posed in the shape of a heart, deserve a second look. Here are a few of my favorite designs, for when I take the plunge and sign up for a mortgage. A deep eggplant paper with spots of yellow for a den or bedroom, cheery red with bunnies for a breakfast nook. Maybe I’ll invest in a roll just because.

Aleister Crowley_Photo Courtesy of Grow House Grow

Captain Smith_Photo Courtesy of Grow House Grow

Cottontail_Photo Courtesy of Grow House Grow

Designer Katie Deedy in front of Saks Fifth Avenue Window with her Cottontail Design_Photo Courtesy of Facebook

BKLYN Designs 2010- Photo by Julienne Schaer


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One Response to “Design Me Up the Wall”

  1. La thailande Says:

    You’re unquestionably right on this writing!!!

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