Fashion Folio Whispers with Kristin Knox of The Clothes Whisperer

I thought it would be fun to get other fashion bloggers’ opinions of Denver fashion. I was fortunate enough to hear back from one of my favorite bloggers, Kristin Knox of The Clothes Whisperer. Read the interview below and feel free to comment! I want to thank Kristin again for taking the time to respond and sharing her fashion insight with us! I have her link at right on my Blogroll, but if you haven’t checked out her blog do so here!

Kristin Knox of the Clothes Whisperer photo courtesy of her site.

FF: Have you ever been to Denver?

CW: “Yes! I moved to Boulder for middle and high school, where I went to Alexander Dawson, though my mom stayed in NYC for the first few years.”

FF: If so, what is your best memory or perception of our city? Could you see a style or trend that Denverites possess?

CW: “HMMM. Hard to say, really. I haven’t been back really in many years, and my mom has now moved back to NYC. I know that in Boulder, there is the “Boulder Muffin” epidemic and I propose a mass burning of all khaki shorts and sneakers. But I guess on the whole, Colorado style is quite laid back and all about the all American wholesome outdoorness. That is to say, people don’t really take fashion risks and North Face reigns supreme. I got mocked for style choices as commonplace and classic chic as sporting a Burberry toggle coat instead of a parka and a Herve Chapellier tote in lieu of North Face backpack. It may have since changed.”

Herve Chapellier Tote Bags

FF: What advice would you have for Fashionable Denverites who are deprived of the retail boutiques to support their fashion fix?

CW: “Shop online! Also, quick trips to Santa Fe can be good for picking up great textiles and fabulous jewelery. They have great markets, both vintage and antique. And I suppose you can always trek up to Aspen. Also, never underestimate the power of Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie for a quick fix. Just for god sake, stay away from all things fleece and TEVA!”

FF: I couldn’t agree more! I would only visit Patagonia for camping attire, not everyday. I just went hiking this weekend and found myself in a $10 Gap tee, Nike running shorts and sports bra and Merrell hiking shoes. Not chic, but VERY Colorado from Kristin’s perceptions!

FF: Since a lot of our boutiques have closed, online shopping is a great alternative to say, moving. What are your favorite online stores?

CW: “I live in the UK now, so not sure if these all exist in the US yet, but here goes. ASOS, Net-a-Porter, My-Wardrobe. But since I live abroad, I often shop American stores like J Crew online.”

FF: I LOVE the Crew lately….

FF: How do you afford such expensive pieces as a blogger?

CW: “I’m a smart shopper! I never buy anything full price, just sale, secondhand and so on. Sample sales are king and I’ve unfortunately had to bite the bullet and learn to save up for major items like designer bags since the Parental Bank shut for good. But freebies and press discounts make a world of difference. I also work as a journalist, write books and consult—that’s how I pay the rent!”

FF: What are your goals beyond fashion blogging?

CW: “I’m working on my first novel. I’d really like to get into fiction and then perhaps a doggy guidebook series…essentially, I just want to write! I’d also love (big dreams here) to have my own publishing house someday and perhaps stage a dramatic return to academia and teaching.”

FF: A girl with BIG dreams and ambitions is alright in my book!

FF: Are you going on any summer vacations? What do you plan to pack?

CW: “Still up in the air, just came back from a press trip to Rome where I busted out my summer clothes for the first time since last year. I am considering either a holiday in Sorrento, Italy or checking out Croatia (either the totally familiar and easy or totally different and adventurous). I will pack a legion of brights, printed maxis, super super soft white cottons tops, dresses, printed silk harem pants and comfy wedges. And none of that trendy one piece crap, while the look great, when you live in a place as gloomy and rainy as London, you don’t want to take a chance on getting whack tan lines during your one glorious week of sunshine, so skimpy bikinis all the way!”

Sorrento, Italy

Street in Sorrento, Italy

Maxi Dresses as seen on celebs

Givenchy Printed Silk Harem Pants-

Marni Wedges

Proenza Schouler Wedges- S/S 2010

FF: How will you dress for the plane ride? Or what is your favorite jet setting attire?

CW: “Comfort is key. I look at those women who travel in skirts and heels and just want to smack them. I tend to get a little chilly on planes, but I always dress for the destination, not place of origin. On this week’s flight to Italy, for example, I wore a supersoft pima cotton maxi dress from Topshop with a tank underneath (which I took off upon landing), sandals and a cotton stretch sweat-type jacket from Helmut Lang. On the way back, London-bound, I wore slinky harem trousers (once you go drop crotch on a flight, you never go back to leggings, so much more comfortable for long stints of sitting), Converse and layered cotton tops and a scarf. ALWAYS pack a scarf. My favorite go-to for travel is a grey linen “Love Scarf” from Calypso.”

Harem Pants

Calypso Scarf

Converse Sneakers

Helmut Lang Cashmere Zip-Up $370

FF: There are a lot of weddings this time of year. I’m a bridesmaid in one this July in Steamboat, Colorado. When you aren’t the bridesmaid, there can be an anxiety for some women of what to wear to a wedding, any suggestions?

CW: “Obviously depends on the type of wedding, but for a mountain wedding I will dispense the following advice. Remember you are in the Rockies, not the beach. Florals look a tad silly, as do graphic prints and super strong brights. Anything with a peasant-y and natural bent works well, as do earthy tones. Lovely nudes and neutrals are the way to go, with some chunky earthy jewelery—such as layers of African beads. Excess makeup is a no no, keep it natural and simple. In general, I just use weddings as an excuse to buy a dress I’ve been personally lusting over for weeks and will wear again and again. If you’re not in the wedding party, excuse my language, f*ck the bride and wear what you want as long as its appropriate to the venue etc.”

FF: A lot of fashion bloggers, like me, are also students. I find it’s hard to dress fashionably and comfortably for campus. I have a large campus which requires a lot of walking, and I have long breaks so I find myself living out of a bag during Fall and Spring semester. Do you have any suggestions on bags and footwear for such a lifestyle?

CW: “Bags: large totes that aren’t leather and don’t have much hardware (i.e. not massively heavy!). Longchamp is classic, and Prada/Marc Jacobs have done some super cute nylon totes in adorable prints. Alternatively, you could carry a large purse and a spare bag—i.e. a canvas tote for extras and computers, that’s what I do here in London when running around. Shoes: Footwear in Colorado can be tricky, the weather being what it is (80 degrees one day in January, snowing the next in May). But I suppose the slouchy everyday ankle boot can be your new best friend. Good for tromping around on a day to day basis (looks cute with skirts, dresses and skinnies), not too hot, not too cold and you won’t freeze your tootsies in the event of a freak blizzard. Ankle cowboy boots are really hot right now, seems to me a great look for Denver and Boulderites alike!”

The Ankle Boot trend as seen on celebs

Carvela Sheriff tn boots

Kate Moss in Ankle Boots

Nine West Slouchy Ankle Boots

Marc Jacobs Nylon Bag

Prada Crispy Nylon Totes

Prada Nylon Tote


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