Tricia Hoke Fashion Show

Tonight I was lucky enough to catch Tricia Hoke’s latest fashion line. One piece of hers actually converts into a handbag! All jersey dresses were inspired by a girl’s love of her sweatpants. These dresses looked nothing like my cozies I wear around the house, but they did evoke casual chic, and versatility was a common element throughout. Tricia Hoke is an extremely talented designer, and the event that showcased her fashion was memorable, artistic and a perfect pairing of art, food, and fashion. From the venue, Beatrice & Woodsley, to the beautiful invitations, menu and programs tied with string, to the price tags hanging from the models wrists, to the white scarves hanging on clothes lines above the alley patio, there was not one string out-of-place. Bravo to Tricia Hoke!


One Response to “Tricia Hoke Fashion Show”

  1. Fashion Folio~ Cher Ami showcase dish | Tricia Hoke Says:

    […] fashion folio blogs about the fashion show on June 10th. yes my dears, I even planned the rain… (calling my bluff?) Well I hope you had a wonderful time everyone, however due to the rain, I need a little extra time to get my pigeons in a row as my photos did not turn out as planned! thank you Glorianna for the awesome post! […]

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