A Slice of Turkey


My gorgeous friend Hossana just got back from Turkey where she went for a wedding. I am waiting for pictures of her forest green silk backless gown that she had made for the event, but she di share some interesting traditions from the wedding with me. For example the single ladies wrote their name on the bottom of the bride’s wedding shoes and if at the end of the night, after all the dancing, their name had rubbed off, then they are destined for marriage! Hossana’s name stuck, nobody told her not to use ballpoint ink, but she was kind enough to release some of her other memories. She shared her photos with me, and now I get to share a couple with you.

Young boy dressed for his circumcision ceremony. Photo by Hossana Behre.

Turkish man. Photo by Hossana Behre

Young couple on their way to their engagement party. Photo by Hossana Behre.

Dessert Case in Istanbul_ Photo by Hossana Behre

I read a couple months ago that Vogue launched a Turkey edition, and I had asked Hossana to bring me back a copy if she ran across it. She brought me back a copy of the May issue- thanks Hossi girl, and a BIG Happy Birthday!



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