Facebook Fashion Friday!!!!

Maggie Gulasey. If you’ve ever met her, you know her enthusiasm and passion for her work runs through to her everyday life. She works for our local love, Novo Coffee and when I was introduced to her at the Museum Residences location, she bubbled with joy and excitement for the beans she brews. She’s got a thing for headpieces. Be it bowler hats, scarves twisted into turbans or a simple piece of colored string, this is Maggie’s signature piece of flare. She’s an individualist, with a free spirit, and a smile and personality as bright as the gleam on the Clover machine she mans. I especially love the knit scarf she wears in the second photo, it’s by Chris Loffelmacher for another local love, Caveman Knits. Here’s to great, barista style.


One Response to “Facebook Fashion Friday!!!!”

  1. kinsey hamilton Says:

    maggie’s a total babe.

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