Beatrice Woodsley Hosts Tricia Hoke, No Joke

Mark your calendars for Tricia Hoke’s annual signature collection of 2010, “Cher Ami Back Alley Soiree and Fashion Show.” The inspiration behind the fashion event and art installation is the story of pigeons and sweatpants. Let me explain, “Cher Ami, French for “dear friend”, was the name of a passenger pigeon in World War One who saved the lives of an American battalion from their own, who were dropping artillery on them accidentally. Earning a Purple Heart, Cher Ami bravely flew a message that had their exact location as well as this note: ‘For Heaven Sake, Stop Shooting at Us.'” Where do the sweatpants come in you say, why your dear friend folded in your chest of drawers- sweats! No, not the kind with “Juicy” plastered across the ass, although I admit I owned said pair a decade ago, but we’re talking about the redux version that everyone from Alexander Wang to Michael Kors have sent down the runways as of late. Tricia Hoke is a fabulous Denver designer who aims to make couture quality fashion pieces accessible. Stop by the event and exercise your photographer skills, submit your best snaps of the show to Tricia’s website and potentially win a $250 gift certificate for her designs! Also see art by Stephen Daniel Karpik, Amy Wright and Amy Findiess inspired by the same Cher Ami. Jewelry by Viya Roginza will compliment the fashion down the back alley runway. If you’ve never experienced the amazing venue of Beatrice and Woodsley, this is your perfect opportunity to taste from their amazing wine list and tapas selection, amid a woodsy, Alice in Wonderland-esque ambiance.

A Previous Tricia Hoke Design- Reversible Dress- Sold on Etsy


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One Response to “Beatrice Woodsley Hosts Tricia Hoke, No Joke”

  1. Blog post about Cher Ami fashion show… | Tricia Hoke Says:

    […] Fashion folio, a local blogger talks about the fashion show coming up in (eeeek) less than a month… Happy to have people excited about the show, and check out her great blog! […]

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