Facebook Fashion Friday!!!

They say dancers have an inate sense of style, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a dancer and have something to prove. Meet Natalie Taylor. Natalie and I used to dance together at the Academy of Colorado Ballet years ago, and after reacquainting through Facebook and clicking through her photo albums, there was more than enough vintage ensembles to covet that I had to, well, put her on stage. With friends on her arm like the notable photographer Mark Sink, and the adorable stylist Liz Eckland, coffee dates on the rooftop cafe at the Museum of Contemporary Art, SXSW concerts on the lawn, and art show openings at Illiterate it makes sense that she’d have an enviable closet full of vintage. Braided hair, bow tie and bell sleeved blouses, high waisted minis, strapless rompers, you name it, Natalie has tried it, and nailed it. Here are my favorites, and it didn’t matter the season, Natalie was always in her element; always style never a costume.

Photo by Matthew Novak

Photos Courtesy of Natalie Taylor’s Facebook Page


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