Greige Romance

Polish hues have drifted from the darkest berry and “almost black” to a lighter, more sophisticated mix of beige, gray and mauve- better know as greige. The May issue of “W” magazine devoted an entire page to this trend, and there she was in her editorial glory, the Chanel lacquer,Particuliere. Rewind to Monday night, Paris Nails salon off 6th and Grant, me scouring the shelves of a version of the previous mentioned polish. Although OPI has a shade called Art Deco that I have also been pining for, the selection here was minus any such shades. So there I was drying my neutral, tauny beige under the heat lamp, and across from me is a woman with the exact shade, Chanel Particuliere, which she said she had furnished herself from Nordstrom. Skip forward to today, on my way through downtown, a quick stop into Walgreens turned out to be fate- I found the shade I’ve been searching for and it only cost me $8.06 with tax! Sally Hansen’s greige shade, “Commander in Chic.” My next mani I will come prepared.


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