Super Nava

Last Thursday I attended a fashion show at Lavish Night club. As the tents at Bryant Park are to NYC’s fashion scene, nightclubs are to Denver’s catwalk scene. I can’t tell you the last time I went out on a Thursday night, but what prompted me to strap on the platforms and doll up was an adorable tee my friend Kaitlin had brought, a design by JNava, a company started by the talented brothers,Jason and Mark Nava. The tee was a perfect fit, we added a little something to it and cut the neck out of it, but it was a perfect pastel purple with a black silk screened design of the word “Denver” in bubble letters formed by girls in black shades making kissing pouts. It reminded me of RVCA or Brooklyn Industries, and I immediately smelled local talent. So we traipsed off to Lavish to see the Nava brothers’ and their designs. We were treated to the most professional and stimulating show I’ve been to in a while. The hair, the models, the music choice, the everything, was perfectly nailed. The designs didn’t miss the mark either. You can purchase your JNava tee here.

Models in JNava at Lavish

JNava Designs



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