Denver Weekend Guide

Shop:Talulah Jones Spring Fashion Show this Saturday, March 20th at noon, for the latest lines in children’s clothing including Lemonbean, Hazel, and Pink Chicken. The Easter Bunny should hop by for basket fillers like handmade french soaps and hammered silver hoop earrings.
1122 East 17th Avenue, Denver, CO 80218 P.303.832.1230

Shop: Martin + Osa in Cherry Creek Mall. I saw a bit of retail news suggesting that the American Eagle offspring will be closing soon. Not sure if this means for sure the Cherry Creek location will be closing immediately, but it might be a good idea to stop by and stock up on their cute cardis and white, wide-leg trousers. You never know, you might hit a sale!

See: Denver Art Museum’s Embrace! exhibit which closes April 4th. Sip a Novo latte while strolling through one-of-a-kind installations by 17 artists. Don’t miss the first floor’s, “¿Being Home?,” a room installation by Rupprecht Matthies who “solicited words from newly arrived refugees from around the world about their experiences resettling in Denver.” DAM My favorite piece was the mirage by Zhong Biao. Weekends-$22 for Adults, $15 (6-17) Free (0-5)

Drink: Relax after commuting through the heavy, wet, March snow we’re going to get tomorrow by endulging in a glass of wine at SOBO’s wine bar Sketch.
101 Broadway, Unit 103, Denver, CO 80203 P. 303.484.9305

Eat: Wrap up your weekend with a heavy Sunday linner. Have a delicious chicken schwarma sandwich with a side of rice and falafel at Shish Kabob Grill on 15th and Grant. Having been a regular here for a couple years, I can confidently recommend anything on the menu! Arabic food from a family run business. The hummus is even packaged to sell in case you must have it to take home for your next cocktail party.
1503 Grant St. at Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80203 P. 303.837.8800


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